As your kids get older—grow into teenagers—life takes on a new speed. Admittedly, a speed that I have a hard time keeping pace with (and my husband refers to me as the Hurricane).


It seems as though we are literally going from 6 a.m. until it’s dark, running, driving, studying, eating, snapping, Instagramming, texting, and working. Everyone finds their own personality, their own place, and as a result, their own schedule. The sad part is they don’t always sync up, and family time is the first thing to suffer. Grades, community service, time with friends, projects, larger family commitments all start to take precedence.


We were able to sneak in a four night vacay as a family this past spring break, and I have to say…it was like heaven or an icing-filled doughnut.


I work a lot—including when we travel—so when the hubby suggested we all unplug, even I stuck my nose up in the air. I have to say: it ended up being awesome.


We took a four night cruise on the Disney Dream. A million people (okay, close to fifty) asked me where we were going, and my reply was: Who cares! Somewhere with sand and palm trees. And that was the honest to God truth!


Disney Dream ©RachelBlaufeld

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Quit your whining. #wordsofwisdom

Come close, everyone, and listen carefully.


Stop your fucking whining.


I’ve been in business for myself for close to a decade, before that I worked as an employee both in and out of the home (that’s right—stay-at-home moms work), and I have never heard as much belly-aching as of late.

The only thing worth whining over these days is the state of affairs in our nation’s capital, and I have too many words to write about that.


But for Pete’s fucking sake, stop whining.



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A few days ago, Daymond John posted a question on Facebook.

He wanted to know where most entrepreneurs were finding marketing success. As I scrolled through the answers, one common theme jumped out at me:


social media.


You may be saying, duh. We know advertising and promotion on social media is all the rage, but does everyone? [click to continue…]


My kids LITERALLY keep asking when I’m going to start blogging again!

So, today, I shared my opinion on my author site.

For a preview:


This morning, I woke up, checked my email and opened the Post Gazette online to find my book was reviewed in the Arts & Entertainment section. It was a glowing review—one that spoke to my willingness in taking chances with my characters and tropes. For an author, this is golden. We all receive our fair share of negative reviews, so when someone “gets” my story, it’s better than winning the lottery.

HERE’s the thing though.

It may look like getting a write-up in the PG or any other small achievements I’ve made are EASY.

Listen to me: they’re not.

Most days, I still hear no or that idea won’t work or do it again.

In this day and age of everyone wanting to be an Internet celebrity, we are beginning (have begun?) to see a rash of craziness. The need to be a celeb is rampant. To want it quickly is even more rampant. Hideous shootings, people scaling buildings, and sex tapes to name a few.

Then, there is a monsoon of people wanting to be bloggers, influencers, writers or what have you…

So everyone is setting up shop in some way, seeking their five minutes of fame and somewhere in all this shtick, the amount of work needed to do anything is lost.

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Editor’s note: I wrote this last week, and well, quite frankly, I debated publishing it.

It’s a bit harsh and real. But you know…that’s me.


Tomorrow is the last day of school.

Another novella in the series of my sons’ lives coming to a close.

Ninth and seventh grade are over. Fini. Complete.

Of course, I will see ninth grade one more time with my youngest, revisiting geometry and biology for the third time in my life. My sons will not see these subjects again until they’re fathers of their very own brood.

By then, kids may be taking geometry in the fifth grade…with the need to push kids ahead (unless you’re concerned your kid will not be big enough for sports and you hold him/her back repeatedly).

It’s such a sad state of affairs these days. The pushing and pulling of kids to satiate our own need to believe our kids to be the best.

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Like most women (and men), I wear numerous hats throughout every single day.

Yes, the expression is trite and overused, yet so, so true.


I’m a mom, wife/partner, daughter, sort-of-sister all before the crack of dawn. I’m a writer, an author, a consultant, licensed inventor, and a one-woman cheering squad between 9 and 5 (or 6 a.m. and midnight).


After hours, I moonlight as a basketball AND orchestra mom.

hold that thought!

Insert Lightbulb Moment.


The striking notion is this: no matter what role I’m assuming, the bullshit is the same. The romance category, in which I am deeply entrenched, continues to become more crowded. Subsequently, it has turned into a less friendly virtual place to work. Last week, I spent the better part of my week consoling fellow author friends on various scenarios.


It’s not surprising that I’ve seen this same domino effect ripple through blogging, inventing, virtual consulting, and freelancing. It doesn’t matter the industry, we all want to be the top dog, right away—instantly. It doesn’t matter who we step on or trample, we want and FEEL we have a right to GET IT! NOW.


Not me actually. I’ve never run my businesses this way.

I’m not saying it to brag or show-off. I’m being matter-of-fact.


Take for example, what I’ve taught my sons when it comes to their passions. After all, what’s the point of extracurriculars? Yeah, we want to broaden their minds, but more importantly, teach them life lessons.


Basically, I could run my business on what I’ve taught my kids. [click to continue…]

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I feel like I start out every post here with “I’m sorry I’ve been missing…” 

I am. Truly. This blog was the place where it all started for me. Finding a new career, sharing the process, and being accountable. Now, six years later,


I am too accountable.


You know the feeling—you’re on vacation, and you can’t let it go.

My good friend texted me…she was stuck in her room making one call after another while her kids were swimming with her husband. Another business friend was panicking over a trip in June and her schedule. I’m sitting in a hotel bed in a dark room checking ads, sales, numbers and writing this post. It’s happened before—working in a dark hotel room.

Work Life Balance

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