my new baby.

It has been a while. A long while since I have updated BacknGrooveMom…you must be worried.


Or not.


Either way, I was sifting through Facebook today, and I noticed one of my friends who recently had her second baby posted the most adorable picture. The caption said something to the effect of: Thank God she is so cute and we love her because she doesn’t sleep.


I thought back to the early days when I had just brought home my second baby, and Yeah, he wasn’t sleeping, and yes, thank whatever God you believe in, he was so adorable because I was downright exhausted. So exhausted, I tripped and broke my foot in three locations.


But, damn that baby was so cute…and, so was my older child. He was cute and handsome with an adorable budding personality. He kept saying, “Look at ME!” at the time, not so quietly reminding us that he was still around despite their being a new baby in our lives.


In fact, he was around first, and he wanted his attention back. He didn’t care that I was tired or that my foot ached. It didn’t bother him that my husband was keeping long hours at the office and then had to come home and not only bathe an infant and a toddler, but lift his wife in and out of the shower.


NOPE. He didn’t care one bit. “Look at ME, mommy!” [click to continue…]


*Waves “Hi” and ducks head in shame.

It has been so long since I have last written over here––I’m actually so embarrassed. But I’ve been super busy. Shhh, I know, I know. I hate the busy trap.

Okay, so maybe not so busy, but simply preoccupied with typing and typing. Books, edits and promo columns for my upcoming new release. But I felt compelled to pop in over here today.

I think it must have been a culmination of various things.

Reset your goals by Rachel Blaufeld

First, the weather has been God-awful. We continue to get slammed with two-hour and one-hour delays since going back to school from winter break. I used to think what an effing pain weather delays and cancellations were––to the point that I complained endlessly and ruthlessly about them. That’s when I thought I was super busy.

I actually wasn’t. Because now I am spoke for every second of every day, and I am managing delays and cancellations.


Public Service Message: Delays and cancellations are much better as your kids get older. They make their own breakfasts and entertain themselves. And if all else fails, you can put them to work.


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For those of you who don’t know, I wrote a book. Actually, two. Fiction books. Edgy, passionate reads––or so I’ve been told.

Anyway, a few weeks back, a few newer authors were discussing the need to form an LLC or not when self-publishing, and I tried to explain the merits of doing so.
And then I thought, why not go to the expert? [click to continue…]


on my soap box

I have been noticeably absent from here. Other projects, my kids, my husband, my extended family have all been taking up my time. Its cool, that’s where my head has been at—with all of them and such…


There is always the feeling of keeping their privacy, especially the teen, when it comes to my blogging and writing, so that remains at the forefront of my mind when sitting down at my laptop. [click to continue…]


Words of Wisdom - #women

I’m a competitive person. Extremely. Just ask my friend Erica, who I run with, and she will tell you that I am borderline nuts. Week in and week out, I push myself around the track, sore hips and feet and all, yelling, “How fast was that?” while cheering Erica forward. Then, when the workout is finally over and we get to my favorite part – coffee – I ask Erica about her business. She’s TEN years younger than me and an amazing biz owner –no bullshit.. .I’m not jealous or envious, but super proud because she is doing what she wants to do and doing it up BIG.


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Summer’s Daily Convo:

For the last two days, I have been entertaining annoying my personal friends on The FB with what I consider to be fairly hilarious emails from Pinterest. You know that place where you start looking at pictures of what you imagine your life would look like if you just had 30+ more hours in a day, AND a full staff of people to arrange flowers, clean up your kitchen, and fold your laundry in a picture perfect way before placing it on outstanding, handcrafted shelves they made for you.


pinterest suggests wearing bangs


Well, apparently, Pinterest has a fairly wide-reaching algorithm and has been sending me some funny suggestions for subjects I may want to peruse and pin. Like, Stitching and Wearing Bangs–bang, bang!


Let me say this: I am so crafty that if I started to knit or stitch, I would all of a sudden be sporting bangs thanks to a needle gone wild.

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Sometimes, you just got to go back to your roots––the place where it all started, where you became who you are, find the stuff that molded you to be the way you are. These times that often call for you to head back to the basics, think long and hard about why you do what you do and how to do it better are usually the rough spots, the tough patches, or difficult times. It doesn’t matter if it is difficult mentally, financially, or emotionally…just go back to do doing what you do best. The basics.


I know, I’m speaking in circles, but over the last few days, I was reminded of this lesson. Steeped in stress like a tea bag in hot water on a cold winter’s day, I had to think back to when I essentially became who I am today. Full-time mom, wife/devoted partner, author, inventor, writer, dog-owner, daughter, cousin, friend. All of those pieces make up my pie dripping with flavor and peaches.

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Confirming What I Already Knew:  Coffee is King & Makes me do crazy things.

Confirming What I Already Knew: Coffee is King & Makes Me Say Crazy Things

This has been stuck in my mind for a week and since I am over-caffeinated, I thought I would share.

Stop being “just a _____” and start being whoever the hell you want to be. [click to continue…]

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