after a decade as a SAHM….now what?

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For most people, falling leaves symbolize that winter is approaching.

But this is not just any winter for me. This winter marks a DECADE that I have been “home” with my kids. While this time has been amazing and exhausting, it is a period of time that will always be special to me (clichéd, I know — forgive me).

As the end of this decade approaches, I have come to realize that soon my boys will be making their own plans, studying with friends, and enjoying their interests with their peers. I can’t help but wonder, “Where does this leave me?”  As I consider what options might be available to me for re-entering the working world, I have never felt so isolated. I often wonder if there are other moms out there who are feeling the same way.

Recently, I sent a text to a close friend that went something like this: “I am in such a panic. I have to get a career.” My friend, who is a career mom, wrote back: “I am in a panic that I should quit every day.”  These two very different viewpoints made me think that there must be some way for moms to come together to help one another.

Over the years, as a mom who did not need to be somewhere, I always welcomed friends’ children on snow days, holidays — whenever their parents had to “report.” Now, I am hopeful that career moms might be of some help to those of us looking to get back into the “real world.”

Women decide to stay home or remain in their careers for different reasons, and I truly believe that in order to be at peace with that decision, women have to do what works for them. But it’s not easy after staying home for a number of years to try to “re-enter.” Where is my on-ramp? Should I go back to the same field or try a new venture? Can I go from being the CEO of a household back down to the proverbial mailroom? Is there any accounting for the life experiences, trials, and tribulations that the domestic goddesses have endured?  Although I loathe the term stay-at-home mom, we moms do have organizational and multi-tasking skills that should be extremely beneficial in the real world.

Here’s my idea: Women can help one another through simple mentoring, one re-entry mom at a time. Moms who have stayed in their careers could take a mom considering re-entry under her direction, helping her experience several areas of a field or new business while holding open a few doors.

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  • Lara Galloway November 18, 2010, 9:56 PM

    What a great post and a great plan!

    I love how you talk about “re-entry”…sounds like the same terminology used when referring to an astronaut or satellite that’s re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Being a mom and out of the work force for a long time DOES seem a whole lot like returning from outer space!

    I personally believe that mentors make the world go ’round. If you need a mentor, find someone who’s just a few steps ahead of you and ask for help. Then look for opportunities to pay-it-forward by mentoring someone who’s on the same path you’re on. I have been so fortunate to have some amazing mentors in my life, and I would be happy to support you any way I can with your mentoring plan.

    Best to you!

    Lara Galloway
    The Mom Biz Coach

  • krista colvin December 3, 2010, 4:25 AM

    I’ve been balancing the 2 worlds on my terms for 6 years… then breast cancer became part of my life and I immediately put my ‘career’ on sabbatical. As my cancer journey ‘slows’ down a bit, I’m contemplating what I want to do when I reenter the biz world. I love your idea of finding a mentor. I also think we’re all in this together and your thoughts of holding doors open for our fellow mamas is so important- well said girlfriend.

  • Kathykate April 13, 2011, 1:56 PM

    Taking that first step at re-entry sucks! But keep at it, and it does come back to you! Been trying to get back at it for few years now, and am finally hitting my own groove.
    Follow you on twitter, but my first visit here!

    • Rachel Blaufeld April 13, 2011, 3:04 PM

      Thank you! This was one of my first posts…I am glad that you enjoyed! Thanks for the follow on twitter & checking out my blog. Stay tuned for details – i am revealing my new groove and a new site soon! Rachel


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