moms can be freaked by failure

Yesterday, I had a phone conference with a successful mompreneur, and the best thing about the whole conversation was that she admitted to having failed several times before being successful.

How IS that encouraging?  It is refreshing to hear someone speak to their mix-ups, who not only has survived to talk about them but has moved on to be victorious.

When searching the web and seeking advice, we mostly hear success stories.  But, there had to have been some mix-ups, mistakes, and flat out failures before all these successes.  Hearing about others’ misguided attempts gives us the confidence to drive forward and pursue our passions.  Why?  Because we know that eventually we will get it right.

Furthermore, accepting mistakes and moving forward is even more difficult for the at home mom.  For however many years we have been the CEO of our households, master of our domain, controlling the ebb and flow of our environment.   As we claim our stake in the start up world, there are so many factors that are out of our control and we are often times forced to work at others’ pace.  We may be a little overzealous because we have been removed from that part of the world for some time….and when something  does not work our way, the disappointment hits even harder.

I ask you fellow mompreneurs….what was your start like?  Can you laugh about your mistakes now?  Can you share any of your biggest blunders?

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  • smokoon November 24, 2010, 2:18 AM

    Well, I’ve had several fall-on-my-face attempts at being my own boss while still insisting that I’m a fulltime mom. From each trial, I’ve learned and I’ve been able to grow and improve the next business each time. I can count 4 businesses that I’ve owned that have not made it. But you know what? My current one is successful! Not only am I financially in the black instead of putting money in, just to feel like I’m working… but I’m actually working. I’m there for my clients and they depend on me – and I like that. My brain is finally functioning!!!! Good luck to you!


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