look r. BRAfeld, it is the prototype

Good Morning – welcome to 2011! The 5 a.m. wake-up was ROUGH this morning……

A little update for my Backngroove-Readers – My boys still have 1 more day off of school!  I know – RIDICULOUS!  After 2 weeks of being off of school, the teachers need an in-service day, and we parents, who really need a mental health day, have the kiddos home for 24 more hours.  If anyone wants to borrow my boys for one day, I can even send a packed lunch!

Well, this Backngroovemom has to get back to reality, so I am taking advantage of having an old sitter home from college – thanks Mary! – Who is on off on her own adventure with the “not so much Backngroove-Boys” today.  Tomorrow will be a very nasty wake-up.

The last 20, I mean 2, weeks have been relaxing and exhausting all at the same time.  It was nice to table my “braduct” for 2 weeks and enjoy my kids and out-of-town company.  After 2 weeks of watching & playing basketball, cooking, skiing, cooking, going to movies, cooking, even a trip to Dave & Busters (whew) and endless cleaning up…I AM READY TO START IT UP!

Good thing because today is a big day.  I am getting a very rough mock-up of the prototype to begin evaluating.  Last night, I was like a schoolgirl before the 1st night of school.  I could not sleep a wink!  Unfortunately, the rest of the house did not share in this excitement.

The one BIG project of the break was moving my blog to it’s own domain – I can now be found at www.backngroovemom.com !   This is exciting because as my project grows, I also hope to further grow the relationship between successful career women and moms jumping back in. Backngroovemom.com can serve as a forum for these budding relationships.  Over the next few weeks, expect a few guests to talk on this subject.

I am very thankful to Ann Evanston, the Warrior -Preneur, and Jerry Bates of Fitting Sites.  Between these two unbelievable & cyber-savvy people, I have been able to focus more on my mission and make these few updates to www.Backngroovemom.com

Also – big thanks to my friends who have been passing the blog around fb and twitter…..I can feel the love.  Keep it coming!

I really cannot concentrate on much else because I am counting the minutes until I meet with Prototype Guy, but I will leave you with a little joke to put a smile on your face – over the break; I inherited the nickname “Rachel BRAfeld” by a good friend.  If I am Rachel BRAfeld, this whole venture is going to work out. fingers crossed!!

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  • Lara Galloway January 3, 2011, 1:08 PM

    Hey Rachel! I just logged on to see if you had received your prototype yet and found you moved your blog. That’s awesome, and I can totally feel your excitement. I can’t wait to hear how it turned out. Please keep in touch and thanks for keeping us all posted here on your blog. It’s awesome to see what a mom can do when she “gets her groove back!” You’re an inspiration!

    Take care,
    Lara Galloway
    The Mom Biz Coach

  • Nicole January 5, 2011, 1:02 PM

    Congrats on the move, its a great step to self-host your blog. I am dying of curiosity regarding this product. Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Rachel H Blaufeld January 5, 2011, 2:53 PM

      Nicole – Slowly I will reveal the product…it is a little fun being sneaky now! Thank you for your support, and i know that your site will be a real help to me as my business gets rolling. Thanks, Rachel


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