snow days part 2, getting groove back, & girls night out

After a week that included one snow day, one 2 hour weather-related delay, my crazy attempt at a vlog, a mostly non productive Friday, and yes – no school this coming Monday…I felt the need to address the snow day discussion again.  I will not spend a lot more time on it — just a few more thoughts.  By the way, Backngroove Readers — did you ever notice that my background pic is the ocean? Guess what? I do not like snow!  I know crazy…I should move, but my mom would miss me too much (and that is a blog for a whole different day).  My groove was totally off track this week.

First of all, I am not the first to say this, but what is with the snow delay?  We did not have snow delays growing up (I know – my grandmother used to walk miles to school), but honestly the delays are ridiculous.  Not ridiculous because the school wants children to safely travel to and from school, BUT ridiculous because why is it not a priority for cities, townships, communities to make certain that roads are clear so buses and cars can take kids to school on time.  As far as the cold weather goes — I cannot even go there because in reality how much does it warm up between 7 & 9 a.m.? Not much.

When I was growing up, cancellations occurred when there was a foot of snow, but now we have them for a few inches.  I blame the weather people.  The weather people get us so worked up into a frenzy about a storm coming. They are tracking radar and showing pictures that we barely can understand, telling us what time ice is coming and what time ice is stopping (which in my opinion is often not exact), and warning us left and right about what is coming our way.  Which begs the question, “Do we really need all that information”?  I do not want to get too carried away with the weather people – I like them, listen to them, and allow myself to run to the grocery store when they say ice is on the way.  I just want to state that maybe we do not always need so much information.

Anyway, the week of weather delays and cancellations required a GIRLS NIGHT OUT.  One thing that I can say for certain is that girls night out was not about to be delayed or cancelled because of weather.  We, moms, were going out no matter what!  We vented, laughed, and out right bitched about the week.  We worked through the guilt that we felt that our kids watched tv while we worked from home, laughed over a flat tire incident, and admitted how tired we were from all the rescheduling & rushing.  When we were through, we had our groove back!

Now, I cannot take credit for this idea because it is not mine, but rather a fellow girls night out mom….a business idea for local high school students!  If you are mom of a high schooler or maybe a neighbor to one, suggest to them that rather than going back to sleep on the day of a cancellation/delay, have a nearby family lined up that can use your help.  Upon hearing the delay or cancellation, high-tail it over the family’s house and earn yourself some great money!  It is a win-win for everyone!  Moms and Dads do not have to scramble while keeping local high schoolers in the money.

Our girls night out bitch session made me think a lot about my vlog on snow day prioritizing.  I did include in there that laughter & venting were both helpful in tension relief of snow days.  I now propose to you moms that if there is a snow day or cancellation, make a mandatory get together with fellow moms.  It does not necessarily have to involve going out on an official girls night, but can just be at someone’s house. I can tell you that when I arrived back home after girls night out, I felt like a new person.  I am now ready to conquer Monday, which is MLK day, and my kids are off of school (and we are tubing in the snow, not on the water).

Moms – We have at least 6 or more weeks of winter, so be prepared! Make your circle of  girls that you can vent and laugh with and keep your groove up and running through the winter.

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  • Nicole January 16, 2011, 6:44 PM

    I second the weather delay questions! At risk of sounding like “I hiked uphill both ways in the snow two miles” we literally had to be buried in to get a snow day. I remember once people had to ski out for two days because they needed the super plows to do our road!

    Good luck on Monday!


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