One way this mompreneur makes it all work!

Today’s Post written by Shane Shaps.  Shane is the mompreneur behind 520 East Brands.  At 520 East Brands, they are known as virtual rooftop screamers.  They help brands build their customer base and fanbase online.  Today, Shane shares a bit about how she makes it all WORK!

When Rachel asked me if I would like to write-up a guest blog post for her, it took me a few weeks to pull it together.  Why?  Because I am a mom.  And, because I work.  And,  because all I really wanted for Mother’s Day last week was a few more hours in the day – and a nap.

So here’s my life these days…

I am a 38-year-old mom of two.  I live in my hometown of Louisville, KY.  My daughter, age 7, is in first grade, and my son, almost 5, is in his last year of preschool.  Note that these two schools are about 25 minutes apart from each other.  Most days, I get her to school by 8 a.m., stop for breakfast at my favorite coffee shop with my son and drop him at 9, and then I get to work.

I “work from home” which means I sit in a coffee shop all day simply because it saves me time from driving all the way back to my house.  I don’t like to waste time.  I like to be efficient.

My husband, who typically is a wonderful help, has a crazy schedule.  He is an ER doctor which means he sometimes sleeps at night, sometimes during the day, sometimes he’s at work all night, and sometimes he works weekends.  Before you ask – no, this schedule will not change or improve with seniority.  Of course, we’ve decided  a little change is clearly necessary so he’s currently added to his schedule an Executive MBA program for which he attends classes every Saturday and studies all week-long.  I mean ALL week.

My children have activities – tee-ball, tennis, ice skating, chorus, scouts & swimming right now, and they are at the age where they both have birthday parties on the weekends, so I depend a lot on friends and family to help me carry this out.

Oh… plus… I work about 50 hours a week. That’s right, I’m a stay-at-home mom and I work full-time. NUTS, I know. But it works!!

What makes it all work?  As long as we all work with the schedule, it works!!  To give you an example of how much I live by the schedule, take a look at last month’s:

So, clearly, when a meeting isn’t added to the calendar, or a change in lesson time pops up, or – the worst – a child is sick, it requires a great deal of juggling.

But, REALLY, it works. My line of work – social media marketing – evolved from several attempts at being my own boss over the years. I finally landed on something that works for me – where I sell my time instead of a product, where I can hone my skills and really cover all the bases for my clients. I juggle many different brands and engage in conversation out there on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In on behalf of those brands. I hop on and off the computer, continuing conversations where I left them, and mixing in carpools as I need.

So the term “mompreneur” – well, I guess it describes me. But now I’ve got 24 minutes to put my MacBook to sleep, pick up some groceries and pick up my son. I can do it. I’m SuperMom. I guess all I need is the cape.

Thanks to Shane for sharing some of her secrets with us……
I know that I keep an intense schedule and try to stick to it like glue! Watch this video that I made for StartUpNation here  AND you will gain some helpful scheduling and to-do list tips.  Rachel

How do you schedule your time best as a mompreneur?  What happens when your schedule falls apart?

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  • Denisse Marie May 14, 2011, 12:39 AM

    Wow that calendar looks overwhelming but I guess mine doesn’t fall too behind. I work from home with a 4, 2 and 3 month old. I have my outlook calendar synced with Google calendar which syncs with my Droid. Can’t live without this. I imagine when all 3 are in extra curricular activities I will need my supermom cape.


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