Moms, what is your work-style? revisited

Summer is here!  I hope that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Our weekend flew by — between swimming, eating ice cream, a family wedding, and pool party/cookout in West Virginia, I barely had time to breathe.  It was fun while it lasted, but I woke up this morning on Tuesday with a giant sense of urgency. You see – my boys only have FIVE more days of school and that means that I have a lot to do in FIVE days!

Summer is amazing, especially if you live somewhere in the east coast. 

The sun shines, the air is warm, and we do not have to BUNDLE in huge winter coats.  Summer also creates chaos because school is out and if you have school-age kids, schedules drastically change.  As moms (and dads) we scramble to figure out what out kids will do during the summer months, so we can eek out a little work.

For most, there is a lapse in time between school ending and camp starting.  When I woke up this morning, I realized that space of time was almost here.  My plan is to enjoy that time ….spending half with the kids and the rest devising solutions to get some work done.  Of course, I will share these solutions very, very soon.

However, at the moment, I am thinking of the next FIVE days, and how I will efficiently make a dent in what I have to do before this so-called twilight zone in time.  I thought of a post that I wrote a long time ago on work styles & weather … how appropriate to revisit this piece at the start of sensational summer weather!

Here are a few snippets from the post:

~When I first met my husband, he called me “the hurricane” because I moved at such high intensity.  This week, I attacked my new project and my family life at hurricane speed. I was fairly productive, but realized that next week – I have to start making lists. Next week, the goal is to learn how to work in “microbursts.” I would describe “microbursts” as being short intervals of work that are highly productive (with Starbucks coffee breaks in between).

~Well…. here I am at next week, and I have a sick kid home from school.  Maybe it is a sign to slow down.  I guess that I am going to be forced to work in small increments.

~I read somewhere recently that every working mom should make a list of the three most important things that she needs to accomplish that day, and do them first thing in the morning. Now I know why – because as soon as your children wake up, one can never be certain what direction your day will take.

~Actually this morning may have to be a tornado funnel of work because the afternoon may or may not be my own now.

I asked other moms what their style of work was, and my GOAL was to be less hurricane like and more productive with microbursts.  I am proud to report that over the last few months, I have become much better at microbursts of work.  When I opened my eyes this morning, I was ready to hit this short, 4-day week like a hurricane.  I realized that is not at all productive.  When you rush, you make mistakes which causes extra work.  When you try to do too much, you miss out on little wonderful things … like an extra hug for your kids in the morning.

See where I am going – as moms & mompreneurs, life holds a long and windy road ahead of us.  We need to take the turns slowly and carefully, and every now and then pick up the speed on a straight away.  That is what I mean by a microburst….Quick and productive periods mixed in with times when we slow down and appreciate the turns in life around us.

Summer is here!  That is an exciting turn for my kids.  There are ice creams to be had and swimming fun to be enjoyed and a few days of transition between school and camp.  You better believe that I am going to slow down and enjoy the curvy ride.  Rachel

Does your style of working change in the summer?

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  • Haralee May 31, 2011, 8:00 PM

    As an adult summer is gone in a flash but as a kid it goes on forever. I am with you Rachel, we all need to be more kid like when it comes to summer. I can’t wait to complain how hot it is and another sunny day again!

    • Rachel Blaufeld June 3, 2011, 9:57 AM

      Haralee – I am so with you on enjoying the hot and sunny days! I think that summer brings out the kid in all of us! Sometimes we have to enjoy the ride….Rachel

  • Nicole Fende June 3, 2011, 12:50 AM

    Rachel I too could be considered a force of nature at times! Love the micro burst idea, and was recently introduced to the short list (mine is 5 or less) to accomplish in a day. I find it helps me bring focus to my energy.

    As a mom I love that time before dinner when the whole family can go outside and take a walk or draw with chalk on the sidewalk. Yeah summer!


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