Mompreneur Lessons From Camping – For Real!

Happy Monday, Back’nGroovers! I know you are waiting for me to write about my past weekend in a cabin.  It is the obvious…..  Well, I am going to write about it a bit except in the unexpected way.  We had a great time – our family for 2 days in a cabin at the overnight camp where my boys attend. 

It was thrilling to go, we had a blast, and then extremely thrilling to get home and shower and rest in my bed!!  I could barely pry myself off the couch upon returning, but here I am making a very slow return to reality on Monday.

Last week was a CRAZY week because school ended and camps had not really started.  I worked in little spurts – early in the morning, late at night, and here and there on my iPhone.  We crammed in doctor’s appointments, obtaining the summer reading, and a few fun end-of-school activities before packing the car to go camping.  It was a very nice derailment from momprenuer-hood, but now it is time to get back to my projects.

While I was away, not only did we have valuable family time, but I also inherited some valuable lessons that I transferred to being a mompreneur.  No – I did not invent a way to keep your hands and feet nice while camping, but stay with me here –

  • I am prone to lots and lots of bug bites, so I did my best to not wear any scented lotions or perfumed products when down in the woods.  In order to avoid pesky mosquitos, it is best to be “natural.”  The same is true about starting a mom-run business – Do NOT cover over who you really are with fancy scents.  What does that mean?  It means – it is important to present yourself and your business for what you really are.  If you gloss things over, you may attract the wrong client, customer, or fan base.  Keep it NATURAL and be true to your pursuits.  This will bring your business to the right audience.

  • About 2 hours after arriving, an enormous storm hit and we remained in our little base area of cabins.  Immediately, I thought “OH NO!”  The rain kept coming down, and I began to wonder how we would endure the storms.  Surely, this was very bad luck.  Actually, the rain was yet another mompreneur lesson in disguise.  The kids had a great time playing baseball in the rain and running from cabin to cabin, while I enjoyed some quiet reading time on the porch.  Memories formed, bonds created, and after the rain passed – a good time had by all on the lake (especially after the parents enjoyed a small break).  In the early stages of small business, it is easy to get caught up in the swell of storms and issues that periodically drop from the sky. Throughout these times, we need to put on our “wetsuit” and ride it out because lessons reveal themselves, and we will come out STRONGER
  • I went tubing on the lake, and it was fabulous.  The thing about tubing is there are so many unknowns: the wake of the boat, the water temperature, the jetskis nearby, etc.  However, the tubing is awesome if you just HOLD ON and enjoy the ride.  Being a mom, mompreneur, woman business owner is a thrilling ride with ups and downs and unknowns — you just need to hold on and ride the course. It is easier to stay on the boat and not get on the tube, but way more fun to ride the tube!  That is why you thought about being a mompreneur – somewhere along the way, you knew it would be a fun ride!

  • Like I said earlier, I jumped on the couch when I got home yesterday (and stayed there) – reading and snoozing on and off (in between loads of laundry).  The boys also both fell asleep and recharged their batteries.  Another important aspect learned about being a mompreneur – REST and RECHARGE!  As moms and mompreneurs, we do it ALL!  I do not need to run down the list of all the things that we do – you know!  What you also need to know is to take a BREAK here and there!  The benefits of a break are not even measurable!

So, here I am – rested, recharged, and weathering the crazy schedule changes of summer.  I am hoping that all of you are enjoying summer to its fullest…..and think about my little lessons from my camping trip.

Do you find business lessons in everyday life?  Sometimes – that is our best tool!  Can you share one with us?  Rachel

P.S. I would never go camping without my coffee maker 

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  • Haralee June 13, 2011, 11:56 AM

    I think you make a great point with your coffee maker. We all have our standards!
    In business you would not do something below your standards. Standards can differ for everyone. If you don’t keep your values or standards you are keeping yourself up at night and not being true to yourself.

  • Nicole Fende June 15, 2011, 7:58 AM

    Rachel we are of one mind when it comes to coffee! FYI, if you ever go camping again where there isn’t electricity (insert ages old debate between me and hubby on what constitutes camping) you can always boil water on the fire and use a french press 🙂

    My favorite lesson is keep it natural. When people start out in business they hear all these rules, and are worried about making the right impression. Be yourself. If someone isn’t your target market better everyone knows it upfront.

  • Jen Sako June 30, 2011, 11:52 AM

    Oh how funny! Yes, all of what you wrote is true, but worth it in the end! Sometimes, you do have to play baseball in the rain.

  • Traci D. Ellis July 2, 2011, 7:04 PM

    What an awesome post! Ordinary life does provide plenty of business lessons. Nothing like some good coffee and change of scenery to see them clearly!
    Traci D. Ellis recently posted..Nevada Nonsense: The TRUTH about Nevada LLCsMy Profile


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