Mompreneurs Struggle & Learn in Summer

In New York, kids are still in school.  Pretty sure that kids are still in school in parts of Canada, too.  Well, In Pittsburgh we are full swing into our THIRD WEEK off of school already.  My kids are having a BALL.  There have been late nights, camping, swimming, lemonade stands, cool day camps, and lots of ice cream already.  I have to admit that I have been swept up in a bit of the sunshine and summer weather a bit, too.  But, it is really time for me to get back to business as usual…..or as close to usual as possible with being a mompreneur  in the summer.

So, I am finally planted at my desk, playing the reggae station on Pandora to keep the summer vibe going, and wrestling with my enormous task list.  As I review the last few weeks, I realize that we can take away a few lessons from the transition into summer.

  • When School is Out, it is a fabulous to opportunity to SHARE some of your everyday experience with your kids. Last week, the Inpex Invention Convention took place in Pittsburgh.  Earlier in the week, I attended the Inventor’s University and visited the show on my own (you can read about it on my weekly blog post at SUN).  Then on Friday, I asked my oldest son, JB, if he wanted to go check out the show with me.  I was ecstatic that he said “YES.”  This was a marvelous opportunity to share a bit of what I do with my son.  It was even more special with JB getting to see some other mompreneurs in action AND know that I am not the only one pursuing my passion.

Thank you so much to Kara Anderson of The Bag Holder for introducing JB to her Bag Holder & helping him make dinner for our family…..mmmm Meatloaf!


  • Summer oozes PATIENCE. I really dislike being patient, but summertime forces us to relinquish ourselves to patience.  Whether it be the nagging of our kids to stay at the pool for another half hour or the need to rely on different child care arrangements, we must be PATIENT.  My life is all about being patient right now.  The camp bus is late, so I need to be PATIENT.  My website is slowly slowly coming together, but I need to WAIT it out.  Some important prototype information is being developed at someone else’s pace, so again I need to HANG IN THERE.  It is summer, mon – nothing else to do other than be PATIENT.


  • We learn that we cannot control the FORECAST in summer, similar to sometimes we cannot control every factor in small business. The weather has a mind of it s own and if it is going to rain on our picnic, well nothing that we can do.  I am a bit of a Perfectionist, so having the reminder that there is a lot out of our control….is very, very good for me.  Saturday night, I planned to eat outside and then it started to storm.  Guess what?  We went to the movies, and had a great time.  My new website had a soft launch last week, and there are SO MANY kinks that need to be worked out and parts that have to be built into the site.  We may finish it by the end of this week, but probably not because my creative team might experience a thunder shower from another client.  It happens.  We just need to enjoy doing something else in the mean time.



SO…there you have it: Summer teaches us Sharing, Patience, and What we can and cannot Control.  AND, we get to eat ice cream at the same time.  Not bad!


Please continue to check back at my site for updates and soon – you will be able to re-subscribe.  I lost all my subscribers in the move and I miss you!


I would love for you to share your summer craziness here  – Rachel


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  • Haralee June 20, 2011, 10:04 PM

    You are right,Summer is all about being patient. Here in beautiful and cool, cloudy Portland Oregon summer may actally come in the morning with sunshine all day and some heat. Being patient exercises can try our patience!

  • Rachel Blaufeld June 20, 2011, 10:11 PM

    Haralee — every day I grow a little more patient….possibly one day, I will be able to say that I am actually patient. Rachel

  • Laurie Hurley June 20, 2011, 11:58 PM

    Ah, patience- something I was not born with but have developed over the years. Summer, well at least that’s what the calendar says, but here in not-so-sunny California we went from May-gray to June-gloom. Hardly any sun. As far as work, not so bad. My kids are older. One is working, has her own car and has cross country practice. The younger is in camp all day. So I actually get more done, but am at a juncture in my businesses that require lots of my attention. Longer days, cool nights, sleeping with the windows open and falling in bed exhausted dreaming about my SNCC biz and hoping I reach that six-figure number painted on the wall in my office!

  • Nicole Fende June 21, 2011, 12:42 PM

    Patience? I often tell people that patience is not a virtue to which I ascribe or aspire. However summer does force it upon us.

    My daughter loves her little blow up wading pool, and seems to think if there is a single ray of sunshine she should be in it!

    I can’t wait (see!) until she is older and I can share more with her as you do with your boys.

  • Rachel Blaufeld June 21, 2011, 3:28 PM

    Laurie – I know you are going to reach your goal!!! Just stay focused and of course, throw in some patience! Rachel

  • Rachel Blaufeld June 21, 2011, 3:30 PM

    Nicole – It is kind of nice that I am being forced to slow down and soak in a few rays….a nice departure from the winter!

    You are going to enjoy your daughter so much when you can share your biz know-how with her! What a lucky little girl….Rachel

  • Traci D. Ellis July 2, 2011, 7:19 PM

    WHAT? I have to relinquish control??? LOL, thanks for the reminder. It is way more stressful trying to be in control of every detail…especially the things we really can’t control in our business.

    I’m really enjoying summer and allowing myself to work at a slower pace and take down time to enjoy things like my local farmer’s market and an Oreo malt on a hot, sunny day.

    Long overdue!
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