Wordless, but Wonderful Wednesday

Just a few words on this Wordless Wednesday (I can never really be without a few words).…I promise just a few.  Yesterday, I was lucky to wrap up a 3 part exploratory with an amazing mom in person!  Coffee for Two and the finalizing of some goals for a fabulous mom looking to forge forward with some BIG plans for herself!  A creative soul with plans to infuse this creativity into our every day lives, this mom loves to make jewelry.  I happened to mention that I am always searching for cool hoops, and look what I got yesterday……

It meant so much just to hear that I was super useful in helping and guiding this mom, but this really was so UNEXPECTED!  Now, every time I wear these gorgeous hoops, I will feel immense pride and gratitude at the same time.

Wishing you a Wonderful Wednesday and rest of your Week, Rachel

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