A Punky Groovalicious Gotta Get For ALL Moms

As moms, we continually strive to maintain our groove when it comes to parenting and our families.  Being a mom is full of the unexpected, and I think we can all agree that mommyhood is CHAOTIC and not always picture-perfect!  That is why I am itching to read today’s Groovalicious Gotta Get…..

If you grew up around the same time that I did then you must remember the fabulously funny, Punky Brewster?  As little girls, we loved Punky and her fun, spunky, crazy attitude on life.  Well, Punky grew up, and now Soleil Moon Frye, the actress who gave Punky life, has a family of her own, runs an amazing eco-friendly clothing store, and is a Target Mommy Ambassador.

Even more exciting is on August 23, Moon Frye’s book Happy Chaos: From Punky to Parenting and My Perfectly Imperfect Adventures in Between hits the shelves, and I know that it will be a must-have for moms of kids of all ages.

I asked Moon Frye a few of my own questions on parenting, and you are going to love what she has to say, especially on momma guilt and expectations, and want MORE!  Here is a bit from my Q & A with Moon Frye:

RB: For tweeners, what do you expect will be the biggest challenge going forward?

SMF: I would say trying to remain true to yourself and staying self-confident.

RB: Do you think there is more physical chaos with boys and greater emotional chaos with girls?

SMF: Yes, from what I have been told. 🙂

RB: How does a mom escape guilt? There is always guilt over “me” time, work, kids, marriage…..

SMF: I am still working on that, but if you figure it out, please let me know! LOL.  The one thing that I’ve learned is to try to not be too hard on myself. There are days when I make mistakes, and I try harder the next day.

BUT, what really hooked me into anxiously awaiting the Happy Chaos book was when I saw this preview video (not to mention a JAKE RYAN reference)…check it out!

So, as we head into another school year or maybe you are a new mom entering unchartered territory, I say Happy Chaos is a Groovalicious Gotta Get!!

You can pre-order the book here AND I am offering a REALLY SPECIAL give-away today! Leave a quick comment below with your most chaotic mommy moment, and the mom with the craziest comment will win a copy of Happy Chaos (shipped to you by the publisher after the release date).

I cannot wait to hear your stories!  After all, we all have those mommy moments….Rachel

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  • Nicole Fende August 11, 2011, 9:36 AM

    OMG I loved Punky Brewster as a kid! After reading your post, and watching the video I need to get this book too. Can’t think of a truly crazy experience with my daughter (although every day has a little chaos). That’s ok, I’ll just buy the book.
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  • Jamie August 11, 2011, 10:06 AM

    I LOVE Punky and was always told I look like her as a kid… LOL! I watched her show and love listening to her as a Mommy! Isn’t every day crazy and chaotic as a working mom with two kids? Getting everyone out of the house by 7 AM is super chaotic and all the days seem to blend together sometimes!! Trying to be two or three places at one time can be truly crazy and chaotic; I can’t wait to read her book!

  • Wendy August 11, 2011, 11:34 AM

    Who didn’t LOVE Punk? And, Jake Ryan? That video is awesome and the book seems to be exactly down the alley I am pursuing. We all have chaos, in some way!

  • Debbie Goldberg August 11, 2011, 11:36 AM

    Hands down, my worst parenting moment was this:

    I have twins. We were leaving a park when they were toddlers, and my daughter ran straight into the street into oncoming traffic. My son started heading after her so I pushed him down onto the sidewalk so he’d stop moving and ran into the road to rescue Ryann. People were totally staring at me. And not in a good way. I cried, they cried. I think I started drinking early that day!
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