I (heart) Routine as a MOM

As a little girl, I LOVED back to school season.  Going back to school meant new backpacks, shoes, polished nails, and a haircut….What is better than that?  I loved the feel of routine, settling in, and going to my after school activities and weekend sleepovers with friends (ok – I may have been a little dorky).  As a college student, back to school signified the return of my independent life on campus, different roommates, PARTIES, and the right weather to wear my new jeans.

As an adult, mom, and mompreneur, the chilly mornings of back to school are bittersweet.  While I cannot wait for routine to settle in just like I did when I was a school-age girl, the start of school signifies another grade level for my sons.  This REALLY drives home the reality of my boys growing up.  That is why I am so happy that we sucked every last opportunity out of the summer together…After all, that is what being a mom is all about – enjoying our kids.

The sun is shining in my desk window (as I am sure it is through the windows of my boys’ classrooms), and I cannot help but reflect on the last 3 months.  We celebrated my younger son’s birthday, shared a family weekend in a cabin in West Virginia, went swimming and biking any chance we had, ate outside, watched movies, played basketball at some really cool places, stayed up late, packed the boys for a month of sleep away camp, waited for the mail every day while the boys were away, sparkled and  hustled with Tory Johnson, escaped as adults, and the grand finale – spent a week at the beach with way too many family members and ice cream outings to mention.

My sandy luggage is empty and last night as I made dinner, packed lunches, and labeled backpacks, I was sorry to see the summer go BUT excited for life to resemble life as we know it.  That means ON A SCHEDULE!  I planned my meals for the week, my days are jam-packed with meetings, extracurriculars are set-up, and of course, I am on the NO ice cream diet. Tomorrow I may bring out the Crock Pot, which is the true sign that we are in a routine!


I am READY to start writing A LOT! I have a ton of goodies for you here at BacknGrooveMom, StartupNation, ModernMom, and soon will announce a new place to find me! NO, I have not abandoned the braduct either….I am in full-swing with the next stage of prototyping and making the prototype factory ready.  With all of these endeavors, I must remember the phrase, “slow down little grasshopper,” which many mentors have shared with me (yikes).


This makes me think of my own PERSONAL mantra of the 4 P’s:


  1. Be PASSIONATE beyond belief.
  2. PACE yourself for a marathon not a sprint…..it does not matter who finishes first, but rather who is still standing at the end.
  3. PATIENCE is essential to success and makes the difference between mediocrity and killing it.
  4. PERSISTENCE is a MUST! Do not ever let anyone tell you that cannot do what you want to do!


Thanks for buckling in for the ride with me! I may get a little crabby along the way,

but I promise it will be a passion filled one.  Rachel


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  • Nicole Fende August 23, 2011, 6:39 PM

    I confess I liked the back to school routine too! Its not just parents either that are feeling it, everyone seems ready to take a fresh look at their business. Congrats on ModernMom – ddin’t know about that until now!

    Nicole Fende recently posted..Finance ImprovMy Profile

  • Jen Sako August 24, 2011, 7:45 AM

    We are starting next week and it is all a BRAND new world for us! First year at school as a kindergartner, first day of school in a new city and state and all brand new friends and teachers. I feel for the little one, but he takes it all in stride with an occasional reference to missing “home.” I’m looking forward to it though…I think. After a few tissues!
    Jen Sako recently posted..Strawberry Infused Cocktail RecipeMy Profile

  • Rachel Blaufeld August 24, 2011, 10:46 AM

    Nicole – we are kindred spirits in our love of schedules, planning, and being organized!

    Jen – I will be thinking of you, but I met your little guy and he is one likable little dude! He will do great!


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