Cheers to Success

I am getting around to this a little later than I normally like to do things, but I like to think that is actually a sign of my success.  You are definitely saying HMMMMM?  Do not worry, I will get back around to the point…..

You see – this post is about my success as a mompreneur….It is part of a project by Lara Galloway of Mom Biz Coach and HP Mag Cloud.  We, mompreneurs, write a piece on what success means to us, and in turn – We can earn a spot to be featured in Mag Cloud Magazine.  Easy enough – right?

Actually, defining success is not so easy.  I know the immediate response is to think MONEY!   Of course, money coming in (lots of money coming in) is an obvious sign of success.  As mompreneurs, we need to delve deeper, though.

Success is not just about money, but Balance, Pride, and Recognition.  We are moms and entrepreneurs, and to me, success as a mompreneur aligns very deeply with our mom values.  I suspect that these are the exact values that led us to become mom entrepreneurs in the first place.

Before we clink to Success, I bet there is an emotion attached for mompreneurs everywhere!

We want to achieve Balance in our life as a mom vs life as a woman.  We take huge amounts of pride in our children.  As a mompreneur, these are key points in how I look at the success of my business.

Is my business balanced with my personal life?  DO I have control of the boundaries between work and life?  Does my heart beat with pride when I look at what I am doing with my business?  When I can say yes to these questions, than I feel the taste of Success.

I know when my kids say “I love you” or “thanks for helping me with my homework,” it is all the recognition that I need as a mom.  With my business, I only need just the slightest recognition to feel success.

Maybe a blog post touched a cord with a fellow mom in biz or another mom reaches out and refers me.  Success is not defined for me in a big fancy award, but rather by knowing that I connected in some way with my audience.

YES – I would LOVE gobs of money, HUGE awards and accolades, and a few 100,000 hits on my blog, but in reality success means much more.  Success is not only a physical and tangible item that comes in dollar form or a little plaque, but there is an emotional factor for me.

I need to know that what I am doing has intrinsic value and is evenly (or evenly as possible) weaved into my life.  Success is equal parts family and business, real life connections, self-pride, and every now and again hearing “Check out BacknGrooveMom.”

Back to the beginning….what does running behind have to do with success?  Well, I am busy AND that is GOOD! Rachel



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  • Dr. G September 1, 2011, 8:39 PM

    Success looks different when you consider all your roles! Great article.

  • Darcie Newton September 6, 2011, 3:08 PM

    I totally get your need for intrinsic value…I call it looking for the greater good. Defining success is such a personal thing. For me it is the combination of seeing my children grow up happy, seeing my relationship with my husband and family deepen, and impacting those that come in contact with my blog. In that order. I’ll chose those first and then if gobs of money are offered take that too…

    Devoted to finding all things delicious.
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