Learning from MY Mistakes can Help YOU!

This may not come as a surprise to you, but I was an intense student growing up.  I loved A’s, liked B’s, and accepted nothing less.  I learned a valuable lesson in 11th grade when my Honors English teacher gave me a D on an assignment. 

After I dried the tears (remember I am still in high school at this point), I sat myself down at my desk to redo the assignment and learn from my mistakes.

The lesson of moving forward, being confident, and learning from mistakes was so profound at that point that I actually do not remember what I pulled the grade up to (hopefully an A).  Regardless, this little lesson from High School English has remained with me since that day and is an enormous boost when I feel like I am getting no where.

I always talk about my original go-round with starting a business a few years ago.  That’s right, I made a mistake.  I decided to jump right in and form a recruiting biz without doing the necessary market research and not considering how this business would actually fit into my life.  To further complicate matters, the recession hit.  Luckily, I connected with an amazing woman, mom, and mentor – Cindy – and, she got my head out of the sand.  It was the wrong time and the wrong place – period.

For a while, I kept the experience tucked away inside of me.  After enough time being miserable, I became determined to learn from my mistakes.  I was back on track to start my own biz, BUT this time, I did the research.  Not just market research but explored the right option for my life plan, too.  Not only is it crucial to know if a market is viable, but do the parameters of the business match with your life vision?

I hear from so many moms in business that they had a number of mishaps before really carving out their niche.  These mompreneurs are brave to speak about their mistakes.  I thank them for giving me the strength to come out with mine.  Knowing that others moved on and succeeded combined with my High School English lesson propelled me in the right direction.  I got my groove back!

Fortunate for others, I took my experiences in combining market research and a firm life plan with my clinical background to create a system to help other budding moms in biz get their groove on with their own idea.

Moms are certainly changing the face of start-up business, and I can help you make that a reality too!  With more than 80 million of you, moms, out there and a push to create our own standards, moms in business are running amuck.

(stay tuned for how I could have made life so much easier for myself when starting up again) Rachel

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  • Jen Sako September 14, 2011, 11:24 AM

    I am actually reviewing a book that touches on this very subject. So many times, we see mistakes as failures and reasons to quit. The better way is to realize that we have been given valuable feedback that we can use to change our lives. Did you know that Michael Jordan did not make his school basketball team the first time he tried out??
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  • Nicole Fende September 14, 2011, 12:57 PM

    Great post Rachel! If we don’t learn from history (preferably shared history), we are doomed to repeat those mistakes. NO ONE has launched the perfect biz the first time and had a fairy tale ending. I love the Michael Jordan example given by Jen above. Here’s another – Albert Einstein failed the entrance exam for higher education the first time he took it.
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  • Rachel Blaufeld September 14, 2011, 9:19 PM

    I did not know that about Michael Jordan (although I should with all the basketball in my house) or Albert Einstein. It is hard not to be ashamed of mistakes but really they are the best lessons ever! RB

  • Haralee September 17, 2011, 9:02 PM

    Great post!
    Learning from mistakes and putting blame and ego aside is easier said than done and many people can not get to the other side to learn! I am glad you did it and can talk about it.
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  • Donna L. Johnson September 20, 2011, 9:27 AM

    with so many people selling gimmicks on how to get rich overnight with little work while sitting on Richard Branson’s island, it’s good to know that you are sharing what really goes on. the ups and downs. i can certainly relate.
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