Who is your WHO?

I talk a lot about mentors, mastermind groups, business friends, and my groovalicious gals, but I do not pay enough attention to WHO pushes you and me.  You know that one person that continually expects more from you?  The individual in your life that sets the bar higher and higher for you?


This is a very valuable WHO because he/she is the force behind propelling you further and further with your success.  For me, there are a few WHO’s.  First and foremost, my boys are the BIGGEST WHO.  At the ripe ages of almost 11 and 8, nothing gets past these 2 little guys, and they are always sure to let me know it!  I cannot play any tricks or cheat when these guys are around!


I am a better mom and business woman because of my sons.  When I sit down to help with homework, and say that I may need to send an email or two….They call me on the carpet!  They let me know that is NOT what I promised, making me a better mom as I follow through with putting my laptop away and helping them with math (which they are better at than me already).



When I am stressing over a particular business problem or just in general getting it all done, it is my boys that remind me what a Wonder Woman I am.  A little boost of encouragement from my 2 biggest fans is all that I need to proceed.


There are a number of AMAZING WHO’S who push my limits in business.  As I prepare to leave for Media Mania with Tory Johnson, I feel compelled to both thank and recognize Tory.  I know you are probably sick of my tales of sparkling and hustling with Tory, but this cannot be helped.



Over the course of the last week, Tory has tested my capacity to do the BEST that I can absolutely do.  There were mental roadblocks, creative detours, and a number of failed attempts along the way.  Tory continued to move me forward to GET done what needed to GET DONE.


I admit that I had a few poor nights of sleep and ditched yoga for a whole week.  I will let you know that were times that I did not know if I had it in me.  I was simply just not feeling my groove with a particular task.


Thanks to Tory challenging and pushing me to do BETTER and BETTER, I did.  There were many breakthrough moments, and I am fairly certain that this will be a process that will remain with me FOREVER.


As I prepare my final materials, load up my flash drive, pack my chargers, leave little notes for the boys, and get ready for 2 intense days of understanding media with Tory, I can only say thanks for being the WHO in my life.


Who is your WHO? Rachel

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  • Judy Goldman September 21, 2011, 2:24 PM

    You are the WHO in my life.

  • Sheila September 23, 2011, 6:25 PM

    Thanks for writing about the WHO. It’s nice to take the time to ponder on these important things. My family’s the WHO in my life.
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  • Haralee September 25, 2011, 1:33 PM

    My who is me. I know when I am not doing my best or am doing my best. It is great to have a cheering section and an appreciation section and to be thankful for all their encouragment and support, but the job at hand is my own goals.
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  • Rachel Blaufeld September 27, 2011, 6:10 AM

    Sheila – beautiful.
    Haralee – you are a WHO for many people! You are an inspiring role model!
    way to go! woohooo Rachel

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