Back’nGroove, Relevant & Sexy from NYC

This is one of those posts that I began writing, but ended up being called away…..Hi! I am home less than 36 hours from NYC, and it is as if I never left.  The laundry is whirling, the house is stocked with fresh fruit, and I am about to attend my 3rd football game of the weekend.

Spending an hour by myself last Wednesday in New York window-shopping (ok – some actual shopping too) seems like a distant memory. There is A LOT of 411 that I want to share with you and so many brand spanking new and exciting ventures for Back’nGrooveMom that it may take a few weeks.  Please be patient but expect the AMAZING.

Right now I am at the kitchen table, trying to furiously work while helping the boys with each of their long-term projects for school.  Oh wait, I need to help in identifying leaves.  Be back soon – hopefully.

As I said, I started this yesterday and now it is early Monday and I am just returning back to the post……Just like my boys were working on long-term projects for school, my mom business is a long-term biz.  Yes, I would like to sit down at my desk for 24 hours un-interrupted and bang it all out.  Check everything off list A and list B, which is so NOT going to happen.

I am a woman, wife, mom, and business owner.  All of those roles require some attention and pampering.

The woman in me desperately needs to take in hot yoga today.  My body is aching from travel and my mind is filling up with the various to-do lists.

The mom in me really needed a solid day and a half with my sons after returning home from NYC.  Backpacks required reviewing, quality time was at the top of the list, and Sunday Night Dinner was a hit!  Now, I am so ready for school this morning and the good old routine back.

The wife in me enjoyed a great dinner out with hubby and friends on Saturday Night.  There was fabulous food, conversation (on social media, pokens & Peter Shankman), and holding hands on the way back to the car.

Finally, the business owner deep down in my core has TOO much to do, and I LOVE it!  As in everything in I do, I set my expectations high AND I need that!  I am going to jump in the deep end this morning and tread for as long as I possibly can.  Before I know it, school will be over, homework will be waiting for review, and my crock pot will smell delish.

This is my main takeaway from my trip – SEIZE the moment in all that you do!  As I was sleepless in my hotel, I thought a great deal about how we, as women and moms, are not one dimensional.  We are multi-dimensional in our roles and responsibilities. It is crucial to pamper each side of us to Stay Relevant & Sexy As a Mom (not just sexy in the literal meaning, but sexy in our entire being – mind, body and soul).

My first steps towards Staying Relevant & Sexy:

1. Prioritize your list.  Look long enough and it will be clear what needs wrangled with first.

2. Chunk(y) your week.  Outline when you will work, but also when you will take time for YOU and uninterrupted time for your spouse and kids (that means unplugging).

3. Do Not negotiate.  Do not second guess time that you have set aside for yourself.  You DESERVE it!

(WOW — As I put the finishing touches on this post, a preview of Dr. Oz just came on the a.m. news — he is telling the audience today ‘I am asking YOU to put YOU at the top of the list’ for his Transformation Nation.  SO, If not going to believe me, believe in Dr. Oz!) 







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  • Dr. G September 26, 2011, 8:41 AM

    An excellent reminder. I’m so glad you are back and can’t wait to hear about what you’ve learned!
    Dr. G recently posted..3rd Grade Boy Kissed Against His WillMy Profile

  • Rachel Blaufeld September 26, 2011, 8:47 AM

    Thank you! We will get all caught up at next week’s Pittsburgh Mom’s Meet Up! Rachel

  • Nicole Fende September 27, 2011, 1:40 PM

    I agree – Carpe Diem!

    One thing I’ve stopped worrying about – picking up all my pre-schooler toys every night. Just not worth it.
    Nicole Fende recently posted..What if Romeo had used a dating service?My Profile

  • Rachel Blaufeld September 28, 2011, 10:19 AM

    That is something that I could never do Nicole — leave the toys out!! Kudos to you!
    BTW — I did buy one pair of shoes in NY!! RB


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