My hair is a MESS = New Trend

Today has been a bit here, there, and everywhere.  Up at 5 a.m. as usual to answer emails to making cinnamon buns for the boys (crazy) to working out to meeting local moms in business to a painful flu shot to anticipation over the iPhone 5 (I am waiting to get one unless my current phone ‘accidentally’ falls in the toilet).  I am feeling crazy busy at the moment, and I need to leave soon to start the after-school madness.

YES, I just made a pot of Starbucks.  YES, I will use up every last-minute at my desk.  YES, I will unplug at 3:30 for a few hours.  AND, YES, I will plug back in around 9 p.m. again to clear up what I cannot finish now.

At the moment, my hair is a mess due to the quick shower that I took at the gym this morning, which brings me to the point of this rant.  YES, my hair is the focal point.  I know there are tones of my mom here and her famous perfectly blown out, set in rollers every morning hair.  I am finally in tune to my mom telling me about my lack of a hairstyle.

Well, when my hair is dried correctly, it makes up for the lack of style.  Who has time to dry their hair right anyway?  Which is why I love the concept of ‘Blow Dry Bars’…….I just want to know when they are going to get here!  You see I live in Pittsburgh, PA, which is a fabulous city but always a year or ten behind the trends.  Most of the time it is OK – I can buy whatever I want from out-of-town.

However, I cannot fly off to a ‘Blow Dry Bar’ out of town and be back for school pick up!

I always have moms asking me for great businesses to start — if perhaps you have a knack for hair….now you have a good one!  (Make sure to do your market research.)

Thanks to Rieva Lesonsky of Small Biz Daily for starting the chatter about ‘Blow Dry Bars’ on Linked In and pointing out this original article on ‘Blow Dry Bars’ from the WSJ.

In the meantime, if you happen to see me out and about – please pretend that my hair looks great! Rachel

BTW – if you do live in Pittsburgh, join me tomorrow for ‘Bubbly & Brows’ and attend to your eyebrows at a Pittsburgh Tweet Up at Esspa – information here.

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  • Jen Sako October 7, 2011, 11:26 AM

    I just saw something about a blow dry bar! Where was it?? Anyway, thanks for the laugh!
    Jen Sako recently posted..Thomas and Friends | Day of the DieselsMy Profile

  • Rachel Blaufeld October 10, 2011, 8:11 AM

    Jen – we need one of these in the Burgh!!! RB


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