Love being BUSY? Don’t be Stressed!

We are MOMS – hear us ROAR!  We are all BUSY no matter what choices we pursue, but that does not have to equal Stress.  The following are some tips that I shared with ModernMom.Com last week on not turning being busy into anxiety…..

Being a SAHM was an amazing experience for me, and I would not trade the years that I was able to be home with my growing boys for anything.  I was lucky – super lucky.

Now I am a mom in business, a mompreneur, a mom and entrepreneur, a WAHM…whatever term you want to use.  I also would not trade this role for anything.  I am lucky – super lucky.

As moms, we all do what is right for us, and for me to be home in the early stages was right!  I never judge any mom on her decision – moms work, stay home, work at home and typically end up doing a combination of all of the above.  In fact, these roles seem to change throughout the life cycle of being a mom.We are Modern Moms – all of us!  We choose our own destiny and make our own rules.  We juggle home, life, work, volunteerism, fitness, healthy eating, pets, extended family, and much much more.  Sometimes we do it well, sometimes not so well.

As a SAHM, I certainly felt overwhelmed and busy at many points, and I definitely maximized each minute of time.  As a mompreneur, I also feel crazed at times, and schedule my time to the max, too.

The point being, as moms, no matter what our choices are, we are BUSY!  Often, being busy can make us stressed.  The thing to remember is that BUSY is good!  It means that we are pursuing our goals, living our lives fully, and reaching for our best potential.

Either way, being BUSY is still stressful!  Here are a few tips that I use to cut the stress out of being busy:

  • Manage ONE to-do list.  Many of us keep little to-do lists everywhere we think of something we need to do.  Maintain a master list.  Either use your smart phone or a tablet that you keep in your purse, but only keep ONE list.  Having multiple lists only contributes to the feeling of being overwhelmed with lists everywhere.  One list allows you to get a visual of all you have to do, and the satisfaction of crossing it off when it is DONE!
  • Schedule ME time, FAMILY time, & DATE night.  Just like you mark a conference call or lunch meeting into your agenda, schedule time for yourself (workout? mani?) right into your calendar. Carve out time for your family (dinner? movie night? bike ride?) and make a special time for date night!  Follow through with these items on your schedule as if they were coffee with your most favorite celebrity (Brooke Burke).  Make sure they happen!
  • Unplug.  Yes, you heard me right! Unplug for a small period every day.  Even if you only unplug 15 minutes, enjoy this brief period of being unconnected and think of nothing!  Clear your head….You will feel refreshed to tackle to huge amount of emails in your inbox or the evite list for your little one’s birthday bash after a small window of being unconnected.
  • Early Bird Gets the Worm.  I know this is easy for me to say because I am a morning person…..Honestly, even if you steal an extra half hour in the morning, you will feel way more prepared for your day.  A quiet cup of coffee or tea with your to-do list, and uninterrupted shower, micro planning session with yourself, or some time with the morning news all do wonders to the general feeling of the day.  If you do not start out rushed, the day will ultimately feel less hectic!

These are a few of the ways that I do not let being busy contribute to stress.  Remember – BUSY is good, but it does not have to be stressful! 

Do you have stress busters that you love?  Share them here!


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