Limitless Fabulousness

It’s here  — the ONE year anniversary of this blog, and I am left with a bad case of writer’s block. Maybe not writer’s block, but a lack of being able to put into words what I am feeling (and a mouthful of donuts).  All week, I have been referencing the anniversary, promising my reflections, compiling who inspires me, and now the day is here and NADA!

I am overwhelmed with emotion.   Thanks to my friends and family for reading.  Thanks to all of my readers for commenting.  Thanks to my boys for putting up with me and videotaping when necessary.  Thanks to HB for encouraging me to pursue my dreams (even though I spend my inventing days discussing bras, cleavage, and boob size with other dudes).

My blogging challenge is coming up on Oct 31st.  In between now and then, I promise to do all of what I promised.

Today all I can do is leave you with these words ‘My Fabulousness Has No Limits’ (stolen from Jim Owens).

Say it to yourself.  Put it into action.  Believe in it because it is true —

YOUR fabulousness has NO limits……

Here is to another year of writing, reading, and engaging.

XOXO Rachel

delish surprise left on my doorstep by my friends xo

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