Party is Over!

The weekend was here and now it is over.  My blog anniversary came and went.  My birthday came and went.  I am a year older – grrr!  My neck went out.  My computer went on the fritz.  I went to basketball tryouts.  I celebrated with friends.  My mom went to Philadelphia (first time in 37 years that she was not with me on my birthday – insert guilt trip here).   The boys and HB took me to a great dinner complete with apple pie.

full on Friday, deflated by Monday

The memories are full and now all blur together as the week starts.

Now it is Monday as usual, and I am back to the grind.  I have a long list of posts to write.  I am starting a diet with my birthday now being over.  My 30 day blogging challenge is starting next Monday.  I have more basketball tryouts to attend.  HB is traveling this week.  I have chicken in the slow cooker.  Yoga is on my wish list for today.  Life as usual.

The thing is I love Life as usual.  Life as usual is comfortable.  It is fleece sweatshirts, leggings, and a dog sleeping next to me.  Plain, old regular life is 2 smelly boys running around and HB asleep on the couch late night with the TV blaring.  I complain about it all, but I love it.  If I let them know that I love it, they may stop doing it?  SO, I secretly soak in Life as usual while the gang thinks that it drives me crazy – shhhhh!

Before I get back to work, I thought that I would share some photos from the weekend…Enjoy!

thanks to my gals for leaving these by the side door!

more goodies (can you say diet?)

memories of last week's romantic getaway

nothing better than this!

Thanks for celebrating, sharing, and enjoying with me.  Party is Over!  Back to Life as Usual …. Do you love Plain, Old, Regular Life?



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