Mini Mart Coffee is not so bad

Just a little note as the weekend comes to a close – I cannot successfully blog on the weekends.

This weekend was a reminder of why….one word sums it all up – BASKETBALL.

Yesterday, I tweeted something close to this: ‘Now I remember why I don’t blog on the weekends, basketball.’

I live with 2 tween boys and 1 daddy that adore basketball more than anything, and guess what?  I adore them more than anything, so from November through May, I spend most of my weekends at BASKETBALL.  Whether it is practice, clinic, scrimmages, or full-blown tournaments, I am there.

Why?  Simply put, if I am not there, I am nowhere.  I am nowhere with my family, I am nowhere as the mom of 2 boys, and I am nowhere when it comes to what we discuss at dinner (which is always basketball).

Don’t get me wrong, basketball is super entertaining and I have hundreds of hysterical stories (many of them about my hubby and his flavorful cheering).  I also get to go tournaments in small towns where there is mini mart coffee (no skinny peppermint mochas to be found).

It is all worth it when I get a big smile and a whiff of a sweaty boy looking up at me. Totally worth it.

So, I cannot blog business or multi tasking or even healthy mom tips on the weekend because my brain does not work that way from Friday afternoon through Sunday night.

What I can blog about are the emotions and funny (ok – LOL) moments of sports momma drama.

Join me in the coming months on the ride, and maybe just maybe if you comment on the drama, I may buy you a mini mart coffee.

Rachel – Dishing Up Some Sports Momma Drama

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  • Donna L. Johnson November 6, 2011, 9:22 PM

    bless your heart….

    that’s exactly how i felt when both The Girl and Boy were playing volleyball and football. whose idea was it to have those two seasons going on at the same time?! we had our last football game on Saturday..undefeated all season and lost the Superbowl by one point. Painful. your season is just getting underway. i’m tuned in for the next episode of sports mama drama.
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    • Rachel Blaufeld November 7, 2011, 8:08 AM

      Donna — I feel your pain…our ‘wins and losses’ set the tone around my house –> I cannot wait to share the crazy details! RB

  • Haralee November 7, 2011, 1:59 PM

    The best thing about basketball from an adult point of view, it is indoors! All parents are familiar with rules that they can not get on the court and you can bring in cell phones, drinks and food.

    For your Moms, went to see Puss and Boots this week-end and I have to say it was fantastic. If you don’t have cats you/kids may not get all the nuances, but still great. I can not see 3D movies, gives me headaches and we saw this in 2D and never missed the wow factor of the 3D. Great rainy day idea. 4 paws up!
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