A DELISH Groovalish – For Adults Only!!

Nothing like a Groovalicious Gotta Get that combines a bunch of my favorites into one story – Facebook, Reconnecting with Old Friends, Yummy Chocolatey Milk, Adult Beverages, Mom’s Time Out, and an Amazing Women in Business Story!  That’s right ladies, I am talking about Adult Chocolate Milk……my mouth is watering just writing about it!

Adult Chocolate Milk is just as much Facebook Love Story, as it is Entrepreneur Genius.  The story began with Tracy Reinhardt experimenting in her kitchen with some homemade Adult Chocolate Milk which resulted in the now famous Facebook Status that simply said ‘Enjoying some Adult Chocolate Milk.’  Bring in the sentimental part of the story, Tracy reconnects with High School friend after 18 years, Nikki Halibur, who wants to know where she can get some of this Adult Chocolate Milk and the rest is history.

Tracy and Nikki started sampling their concoction at parties, built a solid brand, and launched mainly over social media.  These 2 amazing ladies describe their Adult Chocolate Milk as being a 40-proof, adult version of a childhood favorite with a retro-chic glass bottle to boot.  They had me at adult version of a childhood favorite…..

check out that super cool bottle!!

I was so EXCITED to sample Adult Chocolate Milk that I encouraged my mom to take my sons for dinner, grabbed some friends, and cracked open the bottle. We enjoyed the beverage as recommended – poured over ice, but there are many scrumptious ‘mixology’ suggestions right on the Adult Chocolate Milk website…..watch my video review to hear which one I want to TRY (hint: need a girls night out) and my own personal suggestion.

Baby, it is cold outside, grab some Adult Chocolate Milk and let’s try my suggestion!  

Disclosure:  I was provided a bottle of Adult Chocolate Milk to sample and review, but the opinions in this review are mine and mine alone.  Please Remember to Drink Responsibly and Never Drink and Drive.  This is an Adults Only Beverage and Review.

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