And now playing the role of me…..

It is pouring rain and I am under the weather, so I am resting.  Well, not really resting, but writing, emailing, and cleaning up my desk in my pj’s (confirming all preconceived notions of bloggers).  No workout, no dog walk, no yoga, no early morning crock-potting.  I am certainly really sick because I dread staying in pj’s.

I am not going to go into massive detail on my illness, if you know me, than you know I do not care for that kind of talk on the web.  I will just say that the ‘hubs’ is concerned that I am doing too much.  Really, Do you think so?

I find this kinda hysterical after an afternoon of playing the role of  ‘ME,‘ I asked the hubs how he felt…..Almost too tired to answer, he simply replied, ‘I need some quiet time to myself.‘  Like magic as he uttered the words, 8-year-old BB appears stating that he cannot sleep.  Remember, I am doing too much, so hubs has to put him back in bed.

Now, I know this is upsetting hubs.  First of all, he dislikes the terms hubs, but I have tried Dear Husband (DH) before and that causes confusion with a friend with the same initials (DH) and also really does not align with dear hubs‘ brand.  Second, I am poking fun at hubs which sometimes sits well and others does not.

I need to say that I am poking fun in the most romantic, loving way.  The hubs did a great job at starring in the role of ME.  Never mind, that dinner was already in the crock and I supervised homework, he still did a damn good job.  I need to make fun in order to resolve with myself that it was not BETTER than ME.

After all I am MOM.  I am invincible.  I prefer to do too much.  If I hand off anything, it could signal weakness.  What is the lesson here?  Look what NOT handing off got me?  It made me weak, sick, and left me needing to rest.  Not to mention, I f**king missed spinning, which is like going to prison for me.

This whole scenario reminds me of a story from over the weekend.  As many of you know, my father-in-law passed away last March, and this past weekend, the hubs decided to give a few of his dad’s ties to the boys.  He presented the group of ties, and told the boys to decide which ties each one wanted.  Well, this erupted into a HUGE battle of course.  I heard screams of ‘I want this one’ and “You can have this for 6 months, and then it is mine.’

First of all, how many times will they wear a tie in the next 6 months.  Second of all, can’t they share the ties?  Both boys live in the same house, share a wall between their bedrooms, and obviously do not wear a tie daily.

hurry up and get your ties?

I instructed the boys to hang the ties in a neutral closet (hubs) and they could share all of them, taking one as needed.  NOW, why cannot I learn to do that with hubs when it comes to domestic/child-rearing responsibility?  Can I not hang up the tasks in a neutral location, and each of us pick what we can and cannot do on a particular day?  Seems like a logical conclusion which will allow me to avoid being run-down and help me not miss spinning.

I really need to pay attention to my own interventions!

Now, as I sit at my desk in pj’s, feeling sluggish, and I am certain the beds are not made (my biggest pet peeve), I feel thankful for hubs.  I feel thankful that he took over and did a great job (not better).

How ironic, Thanksgiving is next week and I am talking about thanks.

Are you the kind of mom who lets others do for you OR do you resist it?

What are you thankful for? 

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  • Brett's mom November 15, 2011, 10:28 AM

    Rachel- It is remarkable how similar we are- though I haven’t used the word invincible when describing myself I do believe that my way is always best when it comes to my house and my baby. My hubs as you know is essentially an angel for putting up with my controlling ways and irrational need to have things done the way I think is best. Love reading your blog. It makes me feel less cuckoo.

  • No Drama Mama November 16, 2011, 1:52 PM

    What a frickin’ brilliant idea! (I am also smugly sure that my DH will not possibly be me better than ME.)Alas, I do not think he would wake up, because he can sleep through anything, so maybe he could just be me for the afternoon. Get some rest!
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