Take and Break and Join Me!

Thanksgiving is approaching, and I know all of you moms will be CRAZY busy next week.  There are pies for baking, turkeys requiring stuffing, and green bean casseroles waiting for serving.  I am so looking forward to getting lost in family next week.  My new, gorgeous baby cousin will be in town, my son is the narrator in the 5th grade Thanksgiving Program, and I am counting the minutes until my annual 90 minute turkey-burner spinning class.

As moms, it is extremely easy to get caught up in the mayhem following Thanksgiving that leads up to the holidays, but I am challenging you not do it.  I know that there is so much to do – presents, wrapping, cooking, baking, planning for family, going out-of-town, and a whole host of tasks that seem to take over our lives.  I challenge you to take time out for yourself!  Take a break, grab a manicure, visit with an old friend, or perhaps think about what the new year holds for you.

That is why I was so excited to be invited as a special guest to the iRelaunch conference in Washington, D.C. the week after Thanksgiving.  iRelaunch is a special initiative that helps women go back to work (especially after taking time off to raise their kids).  The conference is being held on Wednesday, November 30th at G.W. University and promises a fabulous day of speakers and workshops.  I will be there meeting people, networking, and blogging.  I am certainly most excited for the keynote by Carol Fishman Cohen, co-founder of iRelaunch.

Want to learn more or join me?

iRelaunch is offering a special discount for BacknGroove-Readers….see below for info!

Contact me if you have any questions.  I hope to connect with some of you there!

Remember – no matter what – take it easy in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve….slow down, enjoy the time of year, and make time for yourself.  You will be a better mom and woman.  Rachel


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