A Groovalicious Moment in Time

If you are like me, you have tons of photos on your computer and even printed out, BUT they are not organized, scrapbooked, or catalogued.  YES, I did make a baby album for son #1 and I think I started one for son #2, but after that it was all downhill. Now, my only hope is to capture a few awesome moments from life (in which my boys are acting as if they love one another) AND showcase these rare points in time.

Bring in – THE FOREVER MOMENTS – a company in my own backyard who does exactly what I need!  The Forever Moments creates a gorgeous framed photo complete with customized names and dates, handmade with quality paper backgrounds, and made in the USA right here in Pennsylvania.

Even if you are one of those scrapbooking types (I say that full of envy and not jealousy), The Forever Moments will excite you….Not to mention, you will be way more prepared in choosing the moment to capture.

Want to see my very own Forever Moment?  Check this out:



The Holidays are right around the corner, and this is the perfect gift for any mom, grandma, aunt, or friend that you know.  Better yet, buy one for yourself!

This is certainly a Groovalicious Gotta Get for scrapbookees and non-scrapbookers and everyone in between.

I am so appreciative of The Forever Moments who sent me my very own customized frame for review.  Although this product was provided to me, my opinions are my own, and I am opening my wallet as I write to order a few more.  Rachel

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