A few questions answered

This is a sampling of the questions that I am asked on a regular basis:

Name:  Rachel Blaufeld

Age: 30-something

Team Stats: 1 husband, 2 kids, 3 dogs, no cats

For those of you who care about credentials:  Undergrad degree with High Honors, Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, CEO of my family


What do you DO?  Other than grocery shop, cook, watch basketball, walk dogs, laundry, and BLOG, I am taking an invention idea from inception to market.


‘What the Hell does that mean?’  The short version is that I was harboring an idea in my head for a long time, and I decided to take Nike’s advice and ‘Just DO It.’  The long version is I am one of many, many mom inventors who is taking a HUGE risk involving time, money, and patience to presumably make others’  lives better and easier.  The key word here is investment.  I learned over the last year from a number of wise people, Inventing is a Business, otherwise you are throwing A LOT of money at a hobby.


So, what exactly does the BLOG have to do with it?  Originally, just a detailed account of my own minor successes and mostly mistakes, the blog began to connect me with moms in transition all over the U.S.  Apparently, there are a ton of moms out there looking for the next stop on their journey.  I decided to grow and continue the blog as a place for moms, mostly to school age kids and tweens who are bordering on some type of faux independence, to find and nurture their ideas….The best confidence booster is to know that you are not ALONE!


Who cares?  Well, hopefully YOU do if you are reading this, but if you don’t, just leave quietly!


What makes you an expert, authority, guru?  STOP right there! I despise these terms, and I have not and will never refer to myself as an expert, authority, or guru.  The only description that I will claim is REAL.  Yep, when you read Back’nGrooveMom, you are getting the REAL deal.   No lies, no half-truths, no misconceptions here.  PERIOD.


Well, then Why YOU?  Here is my very brief story:  I am an advertising/communications major (who grew up with a dad in the promotional biz) who decided that I was going to save the world, so I changed my mind and became a social worker.  Following some very prestigious internships and positions at large hospital systems and non profits, I realized that saving the world was larger than me.  Taking a lifelong love of fashion and shoes, I joined the retail world to spice things up a bit while running a few support groups.  The contradiction was GRAND, but it worked until I had a baby.  Deciding to stay home seemed the way to go with a hubby who travelled most of the time.  For years, I counseled and consulted with other moms for FREE, trained therapy dogs, volunteered with chronically ill children, planned women’s interest events, and lusted for shoes.


Then What?  I decided to get a job, but turns out that my little career break made this pretty hard to negotiate.  This is when I decided to create my own opportunity.  Back’nGrooveMom is like a brand new pair of Jimmy Choos that magically appeared on my doorstep.  It is the icing on the cake that resulted from my adventure.  I never thought that I would share my experiences in this way, but I CAN and I DO!  I love writing and I love you more for reading!


What the F is a Braduct?  I cannot tell you. I know it agitates you that I cannot answer, but all I can say is that Braduct is the pet name my son gave to my product for bras that I am inventing.  Do not worry — when I can reveal, I will, and then I will ask all of you to share and share again.


What makes ME the proudest?  I could say my kids, my family, this blog, my writing for StartupNation or Modern Mom, this blog’s affiliation with Federated Media, my invention’s progress, BUT without the engagement and connections that I have made with all of YOU, none of this would be true!!


Thanks to ALL of you for reading, commenting, and helping me through mistakes and ROUGH patches as the mom to tweens.  We are a community at Back’nGrooveMom.


Thank you.  Rachel

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