A mompreneur after my own heart and a funky product to boot

Just because I am a mom to only boys does not preclude me being a connoisseur of girls-only items.  First of all, let me start by saying I am a preteen at heart. Second, I am fortunate to have some awesome friends with daughters that include me from time to time in their girls-only world of manis, shopping at Justice, and hair braiding. Last but not least, I drive carpool and take advantage of this time to catch up on all things ‘girlie’ with my neighbor, Becca.

That is why it was super exciting to receive a few Sassa B charms from fellow mompreneur, Tracy Sanders, to try out and review.  Although I was tempted, I did not try them myself, but trusted my friend, Becca, to try them out.  Simply put, Sassa B charms are pretty cool.  When I was growing up, we had lanyard bracelets, friendship pins, and gummy Madonna bracelets.  Trading, collecting, and endlessly chatting about these items was a right of passage.

Sassa B Charm Bracelet - courtesy Sassa B

Sassa B Linkable Charms provide this outlet for young girls today.  Good to know that in a world of apps and tech (which you know I love), there are still options to trade and collect something tangible and well, cool.

What are Sassa B Linkable Charms?  They are funky charms shaped like various objects – cherries, peace signs, pandas, rainbows – that link together and can be clipped to backpacks, hair accessories, shoes, and quite frankly, the possibilities are endless.  My friend, Becca, liked linking a few on her backpack, and I am sure that she is hoping a few more girls at school get hip to Sassa B so she can trade.

My boys were not excited by this particular delivery, but TOO BAD!  Some things are for Girls-Only, and Sassa B is certainly something cool for the girls.

I love to promote other mompreneurs.  After all, moms are great product problem solvers, and I think that Tracy from Sassa B is onto something that is chic to wear and brings back some innocent fun for young girls.  Tracy is a great example of a mom making a go of something of her own.

Cool Sassa B Charms - Courtesy Sassa B

Disclaimer: Although I was provided a sample of Sassa B Linkable Charms to review, I would definitely buy these as a gift and recommend them to young ladies everywhere.

In fact. Sassa B would make the perfect little stocking stuffer or small reward for good behavior.  Head on over to their website where you can order a just a few or maybe a lot.

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