Introducing ‘Prototype Gal’

As the year comes to a close, I become increasingly more sentimental.  At the beginning of 2011, I set certain expectations, and although they did not all come to fruition, there were many unexpected surprises.


The biggest and best surprise is how my community has expanded over the last 12 months.  Both in inventing and blogging, many incredible people have become a part of my team.  Although, I talk a good bit about the blogging end here, after all it is my blog, lately I have held back on the inventing conversation.


If you remember back to the end of 2010 and beginning of this year, I detailed my progression from ‘vegas guy’ (the catalyst) to ‘prototype guy’ (make it happen guy).  Well, after many months of diligently bringing my ideas to life with prototype guy along with top-secret advisers, I hit a wall.


The question was ‘where to turn for the final tweaking and blueprinting?’  Essentially, I had outgrown my homegrown prototyping.  This was mostly due to the fact that I want to build my own products company vs. licensing, so my prototype(s) must be factory ready and precise.


If you know me, you know that I tried to take this on myself.  I hunted down factories and sought the right person to craft the blueprints.  I walked into a factory of blue collar workers and chatted bras and lingerie (certainly the funniest memory of 2011).  I did all this until I realized that I was wasting precious time. Basically,  I needed a new team member to help.


Seeking help is a big deal…..It is so hard not to see asking for help as defeat.  It is also often extremely uncomfortable to open yourself to a new person when you already have a comfortable dynamic with someone else like ‘prototype guy.’  The reality was that we were as far as we were going to get, and time is money, so I had to embrace someone new.


This is when I met Chris of Trident Design.  With trepidation, I emailed the NDA and got on a conference call with several people on the other side at Trident to see if they were the ‘right ones.’


Turns out Chris and his team were exactly what I needed.  I was REALLY nervous as we engaged and needed to go WAY back to the beginning.  Yes, that is right…..I needed to start all over and make sure that the new design team knew what I was driving towards.  At the time, I wanted to pull my hair out.  What a waste good use of time.


Turns out that this was best practice and my new ‘prototype team’ extracted whatever was left in my head.  When I received some mock ups of the BRADUCT, it was almost as if the team was living in my head!  WOW!  I am not really sure how it happened (could it be that I am a really good communicator?), but Chris and gang made my ideas, rough prototypes, and sketches come to LIFE in a way that I never imagined.


As the months went on, fewer people were on the calls with Trident, and I found myself working with the wonderfully FABULOUS Jessica.  I laugh as I remember saying to Jessica on the phone one day, ‘We are the only 2 on the phone – right?’  After she answered, yes, I discussed bra sizing and the notion that one person’s idea of a D is not the same as someone else’s…….hence I am so thrilled to have ‘prototype gal’ now!


Many of you have been itching for a Braduct Update – well, here it is – THANKS to ‘prototype gal’…Blueprinting is in Progress!


Here is to 2012 and stay tuned – I am going to throw a ton go inventing info your way in January.

Want to read more on Trident and the real skinny on inventing with a design firm?

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