EPIC I don’t know what!

EPIC.  No, I am not talking about my family trip (which was EPIC), but rather my current case of writer’s block is EPIC.  Insert any four letter word here and that will suffice.  I mean, I just got home from a week away with the fam, it is the end of the year, and I definitely need to go on a diet.


Yet, I am lacking any organization of my thoughts, resolutions, and lessons learned.


I should be able to pull it all together neat and pretty, but not sure that I can.  I sit blankly at my laptop.  BLANKLY — holy shit!


My muse is on my lap and I am trying really hard to put it all together.  What to do?

the muse


The boys are playing basketball and the time is ticking away.  Soon my time at my desk will be up, and my mom (chef) duties will kick back in…… holy shit X2!


vacation memories

Do I write a syrupy, gooey post about vacay complete with all the pics?  Do I detail new-found friendships from vacation?  What about resolutions?  Or, possibly something on the fact that I do not know if my prototypes are ready?  Maybe a year in review?


I just laid out 2 weeks of an editorial calendar yet I cannot write a DAMN thing.


Until I get my shit together – apparently, taking a week OFF is very bad for a blogger – Here are some incredible, awesome, amazing, and much better than what I am putting together right now POSTS…….A little bit of everything for all the FABULOUS women in my life.


HOT off the presses, read Meghan Casserly’s 10 Most Interesting Women of 2011 on Forbes.Com

Thinking about blogging? Establishing yourself as a blogger?  Check out When its OK to Write for Free over at BeccaRama

Want to get Inspired to Invent or Create your own destiny?  The New York Times details how If Moms Cannot Find It, They Invent It

Do you not feel NEW to parenting anymore?  The conversation is running wild over at MOM 101 on When is a New Mom not a New Mom?


These writers are doing an EPIC job at the moment….In the meantime, I am editing photos and crafting outlines and preparing to rebound basketballs.  Hoping to be more organized tomorrow – otherwise, holy shit may not be strong enough.

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