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I have a long, very long editorial to-do list complete with my bucket list (bleh) and resolutions (which I never keep) and business goals for 2012.  However, before I get started on all that crap, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the last year.  In doing this, I glanced at the volume of posts that I wrote since starting this blog in late 2010.


WOW! I wrote a lot of stuff.  Some of my stuff is better than others.  There are a few crappy posts.  What is/was so striking to me was the evolution of this blog.  No, I did not win any awards or get nominated for this or that, BUT my mission and goals became clearer.  Does that count for anything?


I think so.  When I first began writing this blog, it’s purpose was vague.  I was on Facebook and Twitter, so naturally being the social media lover/consumer that I am….I started a blog (a little late to the party, but nonetheless I was there).  This blog originally started as a personal journal of my adventure.  I think it says something about a ‘backstage pass’ to my blah blah.  I was going from domestic goddess to mom inventor in no time, at least I thought it would be quick.


A little over a year later, my final prototypes are just starting to come into vision which actually is APPARENTLY FAST.   The icing on the cake is that this here little blog is so much more.  As a mom, woman, wife, entrepreneur, social worker. consumer, and everything else I claim to be and want to be, I found my voice right here.


Now I am not claiming to be an expert at ANYTHING just that I found my voice and opinion matter to some, influence others, and maybe disappoints a few.  I love this blog.  I love writing, finding new information to share, and imagining new possibilities for all of YOU, as women, moms, and whoever/whatever you want to be.


I adore all the new mom blogs out there, but here is where being a mom to not a baby but not quite a teen comes to life.  Just the other day, I overheard a conversation on ‘boners’ while I was reviewing a business plan.  Yeh, that is the position I am in – reinvention/rebranding/reorganizing WHO I am in business while my kids are certainly embarking on a time when they might need me the MOST.


I am quite possibly on the forefront of the years that my office door needs to remain open rather than closed.  I might be set on making a separate identity for myself other than ‘mom,’ however, my mom role is crucial right now.


Just the other day, I commented on a blog that a big debate on CIO (crying it out) erupted in the comments, more posts on CIO were in my inbox this morning, and a fab list of the best products for new moms caught my eye a few minutes ago.  These are all terrific discussions to hold and have AND I so regret that they were not around when I was a new mom, however,….


I cannot help but to think that as I embark on the new year with prototypes ready to roll, b-plan writing and rewriting on the agenda. and dreams of CAD drawings, there will be plentiful discussion on drugs and alcohol, sex, and rock and roll.  The days of CIO, breast vs. bottle, organic baby food, and kindergarten readiness are long behind ME, but at the moment they seem easy to navigate.  The murky waters ahead leave me hoping, praying, wishing for a magic oar to find my way.


One year after inception, this blog became monetized through Federated Media, featured several times in the Daily Buzz for Moms, syndicated many posts on Modern Mom, provides unique weekly content to StartUpNation, and I appeared on TV…..BUT most important is the VISION.  The vision and mission are clear as crystal.  As moms, our children begin to grow and so do the choices and the problems.


At the very same time as all this growth, we evolve and quite possibly change, transition, and mold ourselves.


That is the point here – Maybe we were in a groove with past stages?  Now we, as MOMS, need a new groove, a brand new mechanism for the challenges at hand while still guiding our own destiny.


I do not pretend to hold all the answers, but rather continue to promise a backstage pass to it all.  From starting a new venture to tween escapades on the horizon, you will get me – the worst and best and everything in between.

Cheers, Rachel


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