May you be a STAR in 2012

I went to yoga this morning to clear my mind before the holiday weekend, and my instructor, Karen, left me with a very valuable thought.  Karen encouraged us to think about ourselves for the hour plus…..what a novel concept?  Karen stated, “The reason why so many of us are so impressed with stars (celebrities) is that we are not starring in our own life.’  While I am as star-struck as the next person, this statement makes HUGE sense.

As women and many of us, moms, we not only love to grab the latest edition of US magazine and get caught up on the exciting lives of celebs, but we also spend a good bit of time caring for others.  My typical day revolves around making breakfasts, packing lunches, driving to activities, wiping sore noses, reviewing homework, preparing dinner, and kissing good night.  All of this is to make those around me comfy and secure.

A year ago when I decided to revamp my groove, I needed to constantly remind myself to chase my own goals and look after my own comfort.  I know as a wife, mom, daughter, and woman, this will always be a constant reminder in my life.  My comfort counts!

Not only do I love my celebrity gossip, but I am often beaming from the accomplishments of my sons and dear hubby’s.  Now, I know for certain that I also want to star in my own life.  That is the goal for 2012.  To add ME as a starring role in my motion picture.

AND to all of you — AS moms, women, wives, and partners – make sure to star in your own life!  I hope to see each and every one of you shining brightly.

Happy New Year.  Be Safe, Healthy, and Bright!  Rachel

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