Baby Steps

Last year, my goals were pretty lofty.  They included winning contests and conquering large challenges.  This year, I am simplifying.  I am going to set quarterly goals.  Small, short, and sweet goals that are attainable and leave a feeling of satisfaction. Although I was satisfied with the way last year ended – actually, way satisfied – I feel like big goals seem to drag on and lose meaning over time.  I am thinking that breaking goals down into increments helps move everything along just a bit faster.

I am all about accountability this year and holding true to my goals.  In a way, I guess my first goal is to set reasonable goals 4 times – once each quarter.  The goals will include both personal and professional landmarks that I hope to achieve.  As I break out of my awful week 1 rut, I set these following goals for the next 12 or so weeks:

Consume less sugarOff to a very bumpy start, but hopefully now that the Steelers lost, I will not be baking on Sundays anymore.

my baking masterpiece

Cut to the chase with the prototype Added new features; Threw out new features; Back to Plan A; Not sure why I ever thought of a Plan B.

Finish 1 business book and 1 relaxation readBiz:  Rare Confidence by David Shirey; Pleasure:  The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford

Get a physicalI have not had one for a few years, and yes, I know how bad this is….going to change it after I cut down on eating sugar.

Dust off the Business PlanIt is a working document, it should not be in the furthest corner of the filing cabinet.  Cheers to many more napkin moments to keep the momentum going.


Disconnect moreThis past weekend, was a HUGE disconnect and my family needed it from me.  Gotta do it again.

how can you not unplug for this?

Will you help keep me in line? RB


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  • Elisabeth Kemp January 9, 2012, 5:05 PM

    Great goals! I just created an event on my facebook page for people to record their new year’s resolutions and their progress. Would love to have you join us as we will keep each other in check and share successes and troubles. My primary goal is to find balance and spend more time with girl friends. Second is to grow my business (the two don’t go together very well..).

    Here is the link:

    Hope to see you there! 🙂


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