The Horizon is Blinding with Opportunities

Last weekend I grabbed coffee with a friend who moved away from Pittsburgh 2 years ago.  We were friends B.B.M. – Before.BacknGroove.Mom


Post establishing BacknGrooveMom, my friend commented on how much I learned concerning inventing, manufacturing, growing a business, etc AND how did that make me feel?  The obvious answer is proud, but upon further evaluating, I would say it makes me hopeful, optimistic, and encouraged.  Why?  As women and moms we have a wide array of choices waiting on the horizon.

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Screw the mommy wars and the pitting of Working Moms vs. SAHM’s.  Forget what you may do before kids, during the toddler years, and afterwards.  You may choose to stay in the same career progression or decide to change 3 times with one change being full-time mommyhood.  The choice is not what counts, it is the reality that you CAN make these changes/choices.


Although my original post full-time mommyhood intention was to build my products business, Back’nGrooveMom became so much more to me.  It is a way to inspire and help other moms navigate waters that were not necessarily available to our moms.  The internet brings a world of learning, work at home options, and countless ways of expanding ourselves right into our family rooms.  It is not unrealistic to work in one field and learn about another, promote our skills nationally, or stay in touch with old colleagues while in slippers.


Today, I had the distinct opportunity to speak with a group of new moms (and their adorable little ones) through Urban Mommies here in Pittsburgh about the HUGE possibilities that are on the horizon.  Urban Mommies creates cultural and educational events geared towards stimulating mom’s mind while being in a child-friendly environment, and is run by 2 mommies, Jenny Pelled and Katie Whitlatch.

I still love my baby

It was a fun and excitement filled morning with discussion and questions and a few sticky hands and runny noses (I actually miss those).  At the end, when asked about my main priority – Inventing? or Blogging/Inspiring/Coaching?  I could not choose.


The two have become so intertwined in my daily life.  As I figure out the inventing process and move through the steps, make mistakes, and network with some of the most reputable people in the industry, my desire to share my backstage pass only becomes stronger.


Beyond that, my life took a new direction, and I have connected with other moms through Back’nGroove who I have been able to help pinpoint their idea.  I love it, and never want to lose that piece. SO, I will sleep just a little less, drink a little more coffee, and get back to my computer after evening basketball games, so I can grow my kids and breathe life into this blog and see my product line be born and watch all of you shine!


Thanks to Urban Mommies for introducing me to a great group of moms with fabulous questions AND letting me enjoy a few toddlers and dirty diapers, too!


Ask yourself, are you doing what you saw yourself doing when you were 18?  I bet the answer is NO and bet you are doing something even BETTER…more of that to come.



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  • Jessica January 12, 2012, 3:12 PM

    Excellent point about the fact that we have so many choices available to us. I feel very fortunate in that way. And while I’m totally not a globe-trotting diplomat (my envisioned future when I was 18), I am very happy with my family and career in Pittsburgh!

  • Haralee January 13, 2012, 9:48 PM

    Life changes as well as careers and goals!


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