hey — I was the FUN one today!

Let’s see – I am exhausted, practically falling asleep, and planning my jam-packed day for tomorrow, BUT it is so worth it.  WHY?  Today, my boys were off of school for MLK Day, and I took the day off (mostly) to enjoy some QT with them….and, it was SO worth it.

You see, being a mom to only boys is difficult at times.  Lately, I feel as though my husband is ‘Dad of the Year’ because he does all the fun stuff (basketball, basketball, basketball), and I am the ‘Mean Mommy’ because I am in charge of teeth brushing, homework, and bed making.

Well, today that was not the case.  The boys and I hit the slopes an hour away from home for a day filled with skiing (which daddy does not know how to do).  For one day, I was the FUN one!


The sun was shining for most of the day, the snow was bright, and the best part of my day was riding up in the ski lift with both my boys next to me.

Now – tomorrow – back to school.  back to the grind.


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  • Haralee January 17, 2012, 12:46 PM

    Good for you! It is fun to be the fun one!!


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