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Over the course of the last week, a number of occurrences have rocked me to the core.  Most of these happenings were directly related to me and my blogging, but really pushed me to think about mom blogging as a whole.  If you know what mom blogging is, then you certainly have an opinion on it.  Seems as though everyone does.


In a nutshell, moms blog for all kinds of different reasons.  There are blogs with a more editorial stance, personal reflection blogs, straight product review blogs, design and fashion blogs, and I could continue for a while.  Behind each mom blog, is a woman who puts her heart and soul into her content, brand and image.  That is why marketers seek the endorsement and influence of mom bloggers.  Our opinion means something.


About last week…


Friday nights are our family nights.  This past Friday, we went out to eat, which is something all 4 of us like to do!  We headed to a neighborhood eatery that shall remain nameless that was declaring a long wait for a table of four.  There appeared to be a number of tables open, and of course, I asked if any of those were going to be available soon.  The hostess snarked explained to me that those tables were being held for 10 minutes for people who had been paged. OK.


After waiting 15 minutes, several of the tables still remained empty.  Just so happened that a manager walked by right at this moment, and made the mistake of asking how my evening was going?!?! Being the ever-friendly person that I am, I reply ‘Actually GREAT, but I was just wondering if these tables were going to be released if the people being paged do not show up?’  First response is that the paging/texting system is new so they are working out the kinks (uh – no it is not.  I have been here 5+ times since you opened.)


In reality, the tables were actually being held for a MAGAZINE coming to review the restaurant, according to a second response from the manager.  Oh, well that explains it.  A BIG mag must be coming to Pittsburgh!  We decide to wait because we actually really like this restaurant, order some apps and sodas, and wait some more.  The magazine people arrive and are escorted to their seats.  We wait.

We eventually get a table and have a fabulous night out enjoying our family.  Actually, was one of the best nights in a long, long while.  Lucky for us the mag (small local snail mail newsletter) was photographing right around our table, so I was able to ask a bit about their readership (I won’t bore you with the details).


Enough rambling.  It is my policy not to give negative reviews, so I will not say where I was, but rather say that the reason why bloggers are so powerful is because we are consumers.  We are consumers that put our whole being into what we do, so when we say that we LIKE, LOVE, or ENDORSE something it is as good as meeting us for a cup of coffee and we give you this recommendation in person.  Don’t get me wrong, definitely go to town with pomp and circumstance over media people, but do NOT lose sight of the consumer.


Customers will be your biggest advocate, and customers who are mom bloggers, with widespread reach and influence, can send many more customers your way.  When bloggers are really engaged with their readers, it feels as though you may as well be sharing time together in one of your kitchens.  It is not canned, but very real interaction.  That is why mom bloggers are so powerful.


More on the week…


I entertained 2 separate comments that I actually don’t really work.  Maybe not.  Maybe so.  I am not even sure that these comments deserve a response.  What I do know that I recently received a thank you email from 2 separate start-up businesses that received a good bit of orders from my word of mouth.  Apparently, being able to connect seller and buyer is a job that I do well (I guess).


It seems that lately it is much more believable to hear a recommendation from the horse’s mouth.  Maybe I have a big mouth?  Can having a big mouth be a job?


I have deep respect for those people who work in the advertising field and develop the incredible campaigns and logos and slogans and jingles that are embedded in our thoughts.  In fact, since my team is not playing in the Super Bowl, I will be watching strictly for the commercials.


No one adores my friend, Anthony, more than me as a creative mastermind.  I grew up watching my dad in promotional advertising.  I wish that I could be as thought-provoking as either of them.  That is the specialness behind the campaign.


What we do as bloggers is let you know that the campaign is for real… We took the campaign to heart and tried it out and it is true.  We also take the little handcrafted, start-ups full of energy and enthusiasm but low on budgets, and put our word behind them.


 So, when this week began….


With a deep accusation that I am too involved with my laptop, MY blog, and what I am trying to build, I say this:  I am in the business of building others’ dreams, whether they be personal aspirations or the products large or small behind them.  Damn Right – I am overly committed.

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  • Haralee February 1, 2012, 12:29 PM

    Entrepreneurial business can sometimes be very comprehensive, as is any job or career at times. You display, mentor and strive for balance in work and life.
    Who ever says anything different is itching for a fight! Send them my way.


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