The Big Picture of Life

The small picture:

My house is an absolute mess as we move furniture around to make way for my 2nd floor office and my husband moves shit stuff from his parents’ apartment here.

Getting my kids off to school was a frazzled mess yesterday and today (and probably tomorrow).

I am on the waiting list for my favorite spinning class.

The dog was up all night barfing.

I am behind in returning emails.

The BIG picture:

The blogging community is mourning a woman who I never met, but apparently was a force to be reckoned who succumbed to cancer leaving behind her husband, children, and a huge legacy.

My father in law died almost a year ago, and the finality of this event is just settling in with the entire family.

Super Bowl Sunday came and went, but also marked the anniversary of my first date with Henry 14 years ago.  WOW!

I found these in cleaning up the basement.  Yes, my child who now weighs over 100 pounds and is 5 feet tall wore these.

I am watching 2 moms work towards a dream.  A dream business, a job they have been waiting for, and I get to see the whole fantasy unfold.

There is a profound message in there somewhere, but all I can muster up right now is this:  We all need to be reminded of the BIG picture every now and again.

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  • Haralee February 8, 2012, 12:37 PM

    Great advise to look at the big picture in health, business, and life!


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