Discovering Your ID with Groovalicious Blogger #1

One of the best parts (insert sappy comment here) about blogging is that I have met and been inspired by some of the greatest new and more established bloggers.  Rather than do a blogroll, I decided to create a whole new category called Groovalicious Bloggers and get up close and personal with a few of my favorites.

Who better than to kick this off, than the lovely and liberating ladies of Confessions of the Id.  That’s right – there are 3 super cool moms out there writing on the unconscious need to satisfy desires.  Wendy, Nikki, and Ali are the forces behind Confessions of the Id.  If you don’t read it, you should.  If you do read it, you know that it is golden.

Confessions has 2 main features: The Confessional which is made up of anonymous confessions emailed to the gals AND original blog posts written by any of the three women in charge.  Best part is that The Confessional is daily, and it always puts a smile smirk on my face.

I had some burning, itching questions for the trio, so I am thrilled to introduce you to the ladies Behind Confessions of the Id:

RB: What is the story behind your blog? The REAL story 🙂

Confessions: We were all friends caught up in the hectic-ness of raising young kids.   We were writers in our spare time.   Over coffee and toddler screams we were confessing ‘moments’ to each other.   This was like therapy to get it off of our chests, but also we realized that we were not alone.  So many things we ‘confessed’ to one another were responded to with an ‘OH MY, ME TOO!’

This led to the what if moment: What if everyone had a place to get their shit off of their chest?  What if they could find out they weren’t alone?  As we discussed further we realized making posts from our Id could be not only funny but real and true.

RB: It is impressive that there are 3 of you marvelous ladies, do you each bring your own flavor?…And WHAT is it?

Confessions: We all have different voices and we all offer different ideas but we don’t play specific roles.  Ali seems to get the most personal, Nikki offers up the most rants, and Wendy has no idea what she does but seems to write from all of the “id” voices in her head.

RB: The confessions seem so liberating to me! I feel a little bit if me in many of them. What reactions do you typically get from others?

Confessions: Some of the confessions are shocking.  When we launched this blog, we couldn’t have dreamed some of them up.  Many of them seem to be right from our own thoughts, and it feels great to know someone else out there feels that too!!! Confessing is liberating… We have each submitted a confession or two ourselves.

RB: What is your favorite confession? (each of you)

Confessions: Favorite is a weird thing.  Our favorites are often ones that stir up debate, *traffic*, or sometimes a totally shocking or relatable one.  In having to choose: Ali likes The Mile High Club because it made her curious.  Was her husband there afterwards?  Who did she join with?  What made her do it?   If it wasn’t anonymous, Ali had a million questions.

Wendy’s favorite is Double Life because, to her, this was shocking.  She couldn’t even understand how this was possible (the boyfriend NOT to know about the husband?) and so far from her reality of normal that it was awesome to receive such an anonymous confession.

Nikki’s favorite is vibrator because it made her laugh, and well, who can’t relate to that?

RB: What is your current dream for the Id?? As time changes, goals change BUT at the moment what do you want for the future?

Confessions: We have some plans for the Id that we haven’t unveiled yet, and hope to down the not so distant road.  Our immediate goal is to gain a steady and loyal following who come to us daily for comic relief and a to find a little bit of comfort in knowing that their own reality is not so different than many others.  Perhaps someday we will be a brand, people will be saying “I listened to my Id” or “I am speaking from my Id”.

…And, it wouldn’t suck if Confessions of the Id landed us on Howard. Maybe we are willing to show cleavage…


**Well, I know that I visit The Id often for comic relief, and you definitely have a loyal follower in ME!  As for Howard and your cleavage, that is up to your Id.

I look forward to seeing more of your plans, and checking daily with the Confessional. xoxo Rachel

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