Truly A First at the Oscars (not J. Lo’s nipple)

Last night as I watched the Oscars, mostly to critique the dresses, hairstyles and jewelry on the Red Carpet (while I sat in sweats and UGG slippers stuffed from Chinese takeout), another aspect grabbed my attention.  The excitement of the 1st time winners won me over.  I admit, I get bored with the skits and speeches and find myself saying ‘Let’s get on with it’  all too often throughout the show, but last night the thrill of Octavia winning and barely being able to breathe as she accepted her award captured me.

In between a sneak peek at J. Lo’s nipple and defending Emma Stone’s decision to wear the red dress with a bow, I kept thinking about Octavia.  Of course, I loved the book and the movie, The Help, and was hoping that it would pull in some awards (as I did not see either Hugo or The Artist and please don’t tell anyone but thought the latest Muppets did not compare to The Great Muppet Caper).  When The Help did grab an Oscar…I was so thankful it was Octavia Spencer who received it.

Who did not love when Octavia took the stage with the ‘hottest guy’ in the room?

Who didn’t want to cheer when Octavia said ‘I am freaking out’???

Octavia reminded me of the excitement over First’s.  I thought of the first time my first baby crawled and then walked.  I remembered my first college class and the first friend that I met over 20 years ago when I lived in Israel for the summer.  I went back in time to my first date with my husband and the first time my 2nd baby went to kindergarten.  There is something so fabulously unique about First’s.  First time experiences stay in our memory forever.

I thought of my inventing…I have other product ideas in my head, but I know this particular product (close to being revealed) will be most special because it is first.  I envision myself gasping for air and tearing up like Octavia as my braduct goes to market.  It will be my first, a symbol of my journey from SAHM to inventor.  I can display my product on a shelf just like Octavia will place her handsome statue some place special.

Thank you Octavia for reminding me how special First’s can and should be…I believe that the first impacts us in a way that propels us to do, create, look for more.  I had a second baby because I loved the first so much, I made more friends in Israel because the first meet and greet went so well, I agreed to a second and third date and eventually married my husband, and I hope I go after other product ideas in my head.

photo originally in US Weekly Online.

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  • Karen @ Mom in the Muddle February 27, 2012, 1:38 PM

    Ha, you in your UGGs and me in my Ewok slippers. I’m sure every mom was looking her finest, as well as stuffing her face. I was thrilled Octavia won too. The Help (book and movie) was awesome and so was she.

  • Rowena Starling February 27, 2012, 9:44 PM

    We are together on that! Only I was stuffed with Thai food and champagne. Literally living vicariously through the stars. Your observation about firsts was the same as mine when she won her Oscar. I think that’s why I watch. …looking for many many firsts!

  • Bethany153 March 1, 2012, 10:31 AM

    I was out during the live telecast of Oscars. Just watched it in reply. And I was really shocked by J Lo’s gown! It’s too revealing!


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