Coed Friendships? Yay or Nay?

Throughout my week, I wear many hats (or carry many purses, shall I say). From blogger/writer to inventor to mom o’ boys, I go from one role to another over and over and back over again.  I interact with all types of people in all of these various capacities, and I like that.  Period.

No, scrap that.  I actually love that.

I am a people person. Notice that I am saying people – not man or woman. People are people, and in life, you meet all kinds – men, women, black, white, purple, and more. Through my blogging, I interact with mostly women, mainly moms, but I have had some genuinely kind emails from dads who read the blog.  To you, I say THANKS!

In the other side of my business, inventing, I engage with men and woman equally AND a number of these interactions have developed into friendships – same-sex and coed friendshipsgasp! Personally, I adore knowing all kinds of people with different backgrounds, interests and specialties.  I strongly believe that these varied interactions and my openness to talking to anyone, has allowed me to progress further than if I went with preconceived notions.

Normally, I do not pay much mind to anything, I just do what I have to do and push forward.  I try not to let others opinions get inside my head.  That is distracting and counterproductive.  However, a few have questioned the ability for men and women to be friends in business and life recently, and it got me THINKING!

I guess that I never thoroughly explored the area, never questioned coed friendships and/or working relationships, but I thought – Why not ask around?

I am talking platonic working relationships, advice seeking friendships, or lending support type roles. I threw it out to Twitter and Facebook: ‘Can Men and Women be friends in Business? Life’ and I got some answers in favor:

@eventsgeek:  I believe so. As long as the biz relationship doesn’t get too personal and friendships never get sexy.  Boundaries are crucial.

I prodded about the boundaries and learned:  Being bold when boundaries are crossed is important.

@blogtrendschat:  Husband’s best friend is a woman

@JimDebetta:  Yes they can. I have many women friends in business and they have always been great.

AND I got some answers not exactly in favor:

@vafashiongirl: – no, one always falls for each other

@mrsmonkey3: mentioned When Harry Met Sally – which I think says ultimately No because a romantic relationship grows from their friendship?

I see how the opinions can vary, but it has not been my experience.  Then again, last week the NY Times  smeared Yoga and the penchant for affairs to take place in or around studios due to the sexual tension that yoga creates.  (Funny, I was not attracted to the guy next to me at yoga at all.  I was just impressed that he was better than me.)

My best guess is that the debate lives somewhere deep inside us (and there is not one correct answer), and some of us believe in it and other don’t and that is just fine.  Some of us like hot yoga and other don’t.  Some of us like hot tea while others drink coffee.  Some of us believe in coed friendships and others do not.

I love a healthy debate – it is what makes the world go round…What do you think on the subject?

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  • Haralee March 11, 2012, 2:31 PM

    I spent most of my professional life working with men. I really love my girlfriends!
    Flat out, a women who does not have girl friends but only male friends, whatever age she may be, I do not trust her. The only exception is a woman who has more than one sister and she considers her sisters her friends.

  • Lanaya March 12, 2012, 9:42 AM

    I totally agree with Haralee..n
    For me, it’s not right for a girl to have boys as bestfriends.. They cannot avoid romantic interactions..
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  • Cricket of Tripping Tuesdays March 12, 2012, 5:10 PM

    I’m currently a SAHM, but I used to work outside the home. I’ve had very few male friends at work. I try to stay away from guys, and only talk to them if necessary. Mainly what I’ve found over the years, is that if I do get close or attempt a friendship, the guys usually fall for me or grow a crush…and then things get very awkward. Its easier to keep things very professional, meaning no one-on-one lunches or drinks, etc.
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  • Krystle March 13, 2012, 10:07 AM

    I think in a working environment a man and woman can be friends. As teenagers though I think one does often fall for the other considering all their hormones are raging at that time. For me my husband is my best friend. He’s the only one that truely knows me.
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