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Thanks to Nellie Akalp for her honesty and tips on sanity for moms…

My life is non-stop. Running my business, tending to my 4 children (including a 10 month old baby girl), being a wife, friend, and daughter. It’s crazy, but I love it.

Last September, I turned 40…which once seemed like a pretty big milestone. There were no tears, no dread, and no attempts to forget the day. I realized I’m not just at peace with myself and my age, but I’m actually happy.

How did I avoid a mini-breakdown on that big-numbered birthday? It is a combination of a few things that I’ve learned over the years.

Here are some tips to on how I stay sane, make time and love my work.


I keep sane by maintaining a balance for all aspects of my life as much as possible. I know that separating business and home life is important, but it’s simply not always possible. I accept that so I have work conversations with my husband and business partner at home and vice-versa we also chat about the kids at work. I talk about it when needed, but let it go and move on when resolved. Moving onto the next is the key to letting the issue go and focusing on something else. If you hold on to everything, there will be no balance.


Every time I hear someone say “I’m too busy” I laugh inside. Everyone is busy and is pulled in many different directions for work and family events. The key is to make time. You prioritize what is most important and go from there. Do you need to go to that lunch meeting instead of your daughter’s dance competition or your son’s football game? Can you make the meeting a phone conversation instead? You’ll be surprised that people are understanding and flexible to just have a phone call. Once you prioritize and make time for what’s most important, you’ll find that you actually may have some spare time for yourself for some kickboxing or Zumba or whatever else rocks your boat!


When it comes to work, you have to love it. I love everything I do at CorpNet in helping entrepreneurs start their business off the right way. I love that I hold clients’ hands in the start of the rest of their lives by helping them form an LLC, incorporate or form another business structure to protect themselves and their business from liability. I love the concept of the small business, and I love giving small business owners access to resources they might not be able to afford otherwise. Can you tell I love my job?? You should be able to do the same when someone asks you about work! Share your love and let the world know! It’s a great feeling!

Running a business and family is tough, but if I can do it so can you. Just stay positive and remember to stay sane, make time and love what you do. It will make it all worth it!


Nellie Akalp is a passionate entrepreneur, small business advocate and mother of four. As CEO of, an online legal document filing service, Nellie helps small business owners form an LLC or incorporate a business in order to start and protect their new business ventures the right way. To learn more about Nellie, watch informative videos and see how she can help your business, please visit here.



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