Pinterest: The capital of the ID.

Here I am in the middle of writing 2 different posts when something hits me like a TON of bricks.

That ton of bricks is better known as Meg Casserly.

I am sitting and writing at my desk and being easily distracted by this and that when out of the blue, an email strikes hot.

Who cares what I am writing about?  Not me.  I have started a post on the inner-meaning, or lack thereof, of my upcoming NYC trip.  Then there is the standard post looming on social media misperceptions.  Of course, I need to follow-up on my first 50 Shades of Grey installment.

All this can wait though.

I subscribe to very few email alerts regarding new posts, but I do adore Meg Casserly over at Forbes.  I like her wit, charm, and real world views.  In a way, Meg is a sarcastic Carrie Bradshaw, who writes on women and business rather than sex.  At any rate, I adore Meg’s posts, so I get email alerts for them.


There may just be a slight bit of envy.  Quite possibly, I see Meg as what I would have been like pre-kids and family if blogging and social media was around during that time.  Unfortunately, it was not around (I am prehistoric practically), and I decided to be a social worker back then.

Well, as things usually go over here at Back’nGrooveMom, I am getting off subject. 

what's that I smell? A distraction?

Back to my email alert from ‘Meg Casserly’ today.  I am eating my boring diet conscious lunch at my desk when the alert comes, and I cannot think of anything smarter than stopping what I am writing and reading Meg’s post.  What could be better than a post entitled, Hey Girl, Obama’s on Pinterest?? – nada. zip. nothing.

Of course, I fall hard for the post dripping with sarcasm and cute little quips at Pinterest, especially when Casserly writes ‘imagery from a life we’ll never (and maybe never want to) lead.’  Well, there she went and said it – Pinterest is the ID at its best.  A dream world where we think about pleasing ourselves and our ID every moment, or maybe not.

As for Obama, Casserly is waiting to hear back if the page that claims it is pinned by Obama for America really is, however, in the meantime, she speculates that Obama is using Pinterest to warm up to women voters.  Could be.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It is a good theory.

While, I believe the hypothesis to be true (Obama pinning his way into the hearts of American women), whether I think it is an effective election tactic remains to be seen.

What I immediately call into question is the entire platform that Casserly puts out on the platter – the faux world of pins.

Recently, I saw a craft so damn ridiculous thanks to @mom101, I decided to dedicate a whole board to DIY crafts that I will NEVER do.  Which basically means 10 minutes a day wasted on perusing crazy DIY crafts.

Don’t get me wrong,  There are business people using Pinterest very strategically like Tory Johnson, who pins products that she features on GMA, items of note for her Spark and Hustle conferences, and consumer trends.  Cool Mom Picks has taken their fabulous recs for moms to a new level on their highly organized and well labeled boards.

AND, who can forget Pinterest is just plain fun and fantastic.

All that being said, I cannot seem to escape the unreal organized cabinets and clean playrooms, and while we are at it – all the white furniture and carpet?  That is the world of my ID, my dreams, what I wish for when I walk into my basement and see this:

Don’t you want to pin this?

No way.  No one wants to look at this.  We want to escape to the make-believe world of Pinterest (note the similarities to the Capital of Panem in Hunger Games where everything is pretty and perfect — beware, but that is a separate post).

For me, I am not going to connect with the election on Pinterest, but I am going to shut my eyes and pretend my home office looks like this:

Discovered this from Curbly through Pinterest

Do you feel like you are in a fantasy on Pinterest?  Or is that your real world? (If that is the case, come on over to my house and help me out)

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  • Haralee March 29, 2012, 11:46 AM

    Did you see Mad Men that after the party the new wife of Don’s says I think we will have to replace the carpet, white!!! Pinterest fantasy is just that, FUN FANTASY.

    • Rachel Blaufeld June 18, 2012, 7:38 AM

      haralee — just starting to watch mad men and totally addicted — now, I cannot wait for this episode! R


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