Our Fifty Shades is going to be a MOVIE

You know the line in the movie, Twilight, when Bella says to Edward You know everyone is staring?, and Edward responds with Not everyone, oh he just looked???  It is when Edward and Bella first drive up to school as a couple, and Edward proceeds to get a huge grin and put his arm around Bella.

Well, right about now, I predict that is the way Universal Pictures and Focus feel as they have acquired the rights to the Fifty Shades Series.  Yes – you heard me right.  The anti-feminist book about the dysfunctional millionaire who has captured the hearts of almost every woman I know, from Modern Orthodox Jews to the most Conservative Republican Voters is going to be a MOVIE!!!

I just had a conversation a week ago about how in the world the ‘mommy-porn’ world of EL James could be/would be captured on film, and as The Hollywood Reporter reports – it is going to HAPPEN!!!

Say what you will about the underlying theme, the writing quality,  the world of BDSM, and speculate on why everyone and their mother (yes, my mom just said that she was going to read) is reading this series.  Now, there will surely be a midnight showing, pre-launch tickets sales, and another woman author gone celebrity entrepreneur before we know it.

As a blogger at the crossroads of being a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, I cannot help but to follow and write on this trend.

Are you going to see it? 

More important, Who is going to play Christian Grey?

Update: You asked for my pick…Here you go!

Definitely – Ryan Gosling

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