See ya, Wouldn’t Want to Be Ya – Guilt

Today is Monday.  I am saying that more for my benefit than anything else.  Today is the LAST day of a VERY long spring break for my boys.  I am holed up in Starbucks trying to get some work done and the boys are home with a sitter.  I don’t feel guilty.  Typically, I would, but not today.

I am trying to ‘give up the guilt’ as of this morning.

What is the guilt all about anyways?  The guilt is bullshit.  After a long week and a half of stringing together coverage, taking time off, a fabulous trip to NYC, and the heated political discussion turned mommy wars via Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney, I am giving up guilt.  It is all just bullshit.

When I feel guilty, in turn I try to make my kids feels guilt for the time and overtime that I spend with them.  I find myself saying, ‘I gave up such and such to do this with you, so you need to do this‘ or some version of that.  I am ABSOLUTELY not saying that what I do is right.  In fact, I am saying that it is WRONG.

I am stopping as of today.  I am done with it.  I don’t want to feel guilt, and I certainly don’t want my kids to learn the vicious cycle of guilt.  I am done with it.  Partly because it is a bad habit and mainly because my family is sick of it.  Right about now my husband is wondering if I really actually DID hear him when he said, ‘Stop letting my little son guilt me AND I need to stop aggravating over EVERYTHING and learn to enjoy.’  Yes, I did.

See the guilt takes the enjoyment out of everything.  The guilt siphons out the sincerity of a blog post if I feel guilty while writing it, and the guilt that I am giving up work or working out or whatever to go to a basketball tournament takes the fun out of it for everyone.  Period.  It is Bullshit.  End of Story.

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This is not just a personal thing, but a business issue, too.  I know that many people, women especially, feel guilty when asserting their needs, wants or specifications in the workplace or in a business deal.  I am done with that, too.  I mean this type of guilt paralyzed me last week.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that last week, I received the latest rendering of my prototype and it was WAY off.  Although I picked up what was perfection on my trip to Columbus, I was led to think ‘Well, maybe we could add this, take this away and do this,’ and all that got me was CRAP.  When I needed to chat with my design team, I was guilty in asserting that the OLD way was the BEST way.  I did not want them to feel bad about their work.

I literally was asking for some type of support from the outside world to relieve me of my guilt.  Honestly?  That is bullshit, too.

So, as of today – I am finished with guilt.  It is such a wasted emotion.

I give up mostly everything on the weekends to enjoy my family (except for the Mom 2.0 Summit – can’t wait), and I work hard during the week so I can do exactly what I just said.  I think my prototype is sheer perfection, and I am done over thinking and over guessing changes.  It is time to move forward.

And, now I am finished with my first huge cup of coffee.  Time for another and some more work.  My kids are fine.  I am fine.  The sun is shining and the guilt is off my shoulders.

Are you going to join me?

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