The University of Spark and Hustle

You knew eventually, I was going to ask:


If you know me just a little or a lot, you know that I adore Tory Johnson.  You might even say that I graduated with a degree from The University of Spark and Hustle. That’s right.  I attribute my growth as a business woman to attending Spark and Hustle.

A little over a year ago, I was a marketing major, social worker, reformed stay-at-home mom turned blogger and inventor (with only a few product ideas) when I boarded a plane for Spark and Hustle in Los Angeles.

Today, I am working on packaging for my first product launch and write/maintain/edit my own blog that has become part of a larger media platform.  I consult with budding moms in business on growing their ideas and speak frequently to moms in business on incorporating social media, balance, and branding into their ventures.

My days are spent pushing forward on launching my product line, working one-on-one with other women, and representing brands, companies, and ideas on my blog platform.

When I went to my first Spark and Hustle, I did some version of all of the above, but I was not totally sure how to pull it together as a business.  I needed to put the business into my business.  Tory Johnson showed me how to do that.  Tory made it clear how to take my sparks of ideas and HUSTLE.

I learned that it is one thing to have ideas and huge spark, but another to actually DO something and ignite a fire with the spark.  I was able to figure out how to do all of this after attending Spark and Hustle.  More so than any other business book, lecture, or mentor.  That is why I call my alma mater:  The University of Spark and Hustle.

Don’t get me wrong, I was nervous as anything when I first went to Spark and Hustle, but I quickly realized that this very unique group of women in business was where I fit. We were all different ages and backgrounds at various stages of business, YET we all wanted to Succeed, Network, Expand, and Pursue being Stronger, Better Business Women.

Since last year’s Spark and Hustle, I have remained in contact with many of the women I met, and we are doing exactly what we set out to do when attending Spark and Hustle.

We are Sparkling and Hustling – that is icing on the cake.

I could go on for longer, but I do not have to because Spark and Hustle is going on a 20 city tour this year (yes, Tory is CRAZY and bringing her hustle to 20 cities).  I am most proud that Tory will be making a stop in my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA this year (I begged, cajoled, pleaded).

SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Join me and all the incredibly inspiring women on (The University of) Spark and Hustle Tour this summer.  Whether you run an established business or simply have an idea, Get your hustle on! 

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