I am in a Toots-ie roll kinda mood

I was in a toots this week.  No, I do not mean Tootsie 





or Tootsie Rolls.





I mean toots.   Toots is my new made up word.  I know that it is slang for ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie,’ but my toots doesn’t really mean anything.  It just sort of came out of my mouth when I was in such a frenzy, tizzy, anxiety-ridden state.  I was in a toots.

The last few weeks sort of hit a crescendo for me.  I received the latest ‘improvement’ on my prototype that was all wrong.  I am waiting on lawyers and packaging designs.  I am fighting a cold.  My head is swirling from the 12 days in a row that made up my boys’ spring break.  My mom is moving, and packing and packing, and moving from my childhood house.  You get the picture – I was in a toots.

What did I do?  Well, my first two steps were practical, but it was really the third step that was most important.

  1. I resolved to stop over thinking the Braduct, which now has a name.  I am not quite ready to reveal the name, sort of like when a woman is pregnant and they wait until after the birth to announce the baby’s name.
  2. I decided to be firm in my decision to move forward with the prototype that I adore and take my foot off the brake.  Honestly, if I drive any slower on this project it will be slower than my Pappy drove, and he was a SLOW driver.
  3. I let loose.  I broke out of my regular patterns of behavior.  Changed it up a bit by:

Gong to the grocery store in the evening by myself and pretending that I was a young college women who only needed a few things. 

As in Diet Coke, Licorice, cereal, protein bars, and bananas.  

Pretending that I was waking up next to Christian Grey.  Need I say more?

Heading to yoga for the 2nd Tuesday Night in a row and not worrying about dinner.  Chipotle is more than good enough.

Trying a different Starbucks.  A real walk on the wild side.

Having a pricey glass of wine mid-week with no regrets.

Most unbelievable, I took the time to make myself a REAL breakfast – eggs, toast, fruit and juice on ONE (just one) morning.

Sometimes it is so refreshing to break out of the mold.  I am not saying to throw out the mold and make a new one, simply change it up for a week or two.  Often a little variation in the coordinates are all we need to put US back on the map.

Welcome Back Me.   No more toots.

Just Crazy Me.


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