Look who is in The Shark Tank

Getting into the Shark Tank is close to impossible according to the NY Post.  No, I am not talking about swimming with actual sharks, but stepping into the proverbial Shark Tank on national TV with some of America’s most powerful entrepreneurs, as in Marc Cuban & Barbara Corcoran, and hoping to strike a deal.

Shark Tank is a family favorite in our house and among the majority of entrepreneurs. The equivalent of American Idol or Bachelor for those of us with dreams of hitting it big with our products and ideas.  Every week, we entrepreneurs sit on the edge of our couches or armchairs, biting our nails, and learning from those aspiring business owners who make it into the Tank.

We take note of what to do and what NOT to do.  We friend the newly found inventors on Twitter, we buy their products, we cheer them on.  Whether a deal materializes or not does not seem to matter.

There is something to be said for the publicity and support that are an automatic result from just appearing on the show.  Although a deal is the GOAL.

The 2nd Pittsburgher of the Season is going to be on Shark Tank this Friday.  I am pretty excited to watch TriMi Tank in front of the sharks.  Of course, I am rooting for the 2 fabulous women entrepreneurs behind TriMi Tank.  They are from Pittsburgh, they are hockey (not basketball but close enough) moms, and they are brave (and lucky) enough to enter the Tank.

For a little taste of the show:

I am excited to ‘tri’ out my TriMi Tank delivered to me this week no matter what happens in the other Tank.




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