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Bloggers blog for a variety of reasons.  Some want to share what they believe are the funniest anecdotes ever from their kids hoping that someone will laugh/relate/commiserate, others share personal experiences with the ups and downs of daily life, and for many it is both a way of expressing themselves and making a living.  I love getting to know the blogger behind some of my favorite blogs.

Jessica Cohen from Look Who Found The Marbles set out on a unique path with her blog, and I find her to be not only a groovalicious blogger, but also deeply inspiring. Jessica’s writing is humorous and raw all in one, and feels very true.

I knew Jessica way back when, in college, a time and place all about fun before email, texting, and smart phones. YIKES!  Connecting years later as bloggers is both nostalgic and coincidental.  I feel so lucky to have Jessica as a friend, sorority sister (do you remember the hand shake?), and fellow blogger to chat with and collaborate.

I had a chance to ask Jessica a few questions so both you and I could get to know to the woman behind the blog, Look Who Found the Marbles, a little more intimately.

RB:  Jessica, what was the impetus behind your blog?

JCFound the Marbles is actually my second blog.  When I left magazine publishing, I launched a local site for women which was meant to follow an online magazine type of format.  During that time I discovered what I really enjoyed writing about did not have to be done on a local level.  My favorite pieces were the people who overcame some sort of adversity and the organizations or businesses that give back.  That’s when I considered launching a new site and it became Found the Marbles.

RB:  So, Found the Marbles has a feel good piece to it.  What would you say is the ultimate goal behind the blog?

JC:  Look who Found the Marbles is based on the idea that we can find our marbles and use them to help others. It is a human interest blog that explores social good, life and the various ways that people can pay it forward.

RB:  How has Found the Marbles evolved or changed over the least year?

JC:  Actually, I don’t think it has changed all that much since it launched in terms of the mission or feel of the site.  Then again, the site is just a year old so I expect that it will evolve with time and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes.  I love that this business allows for growth and change.

RB:  Do you have a funniest blogging story?

JCI am stumped with this question.  I can’t think of a truly funny blogging story.  I am sure that review and giveaway bloggers have some great tales to tell about crazy products they have received or bizarre requests from companies.  I do get some really odd pitches though!  While it is not laugh-out-loud funny, I always find it ironic that the posts which take me the shortest amount of time to write are always the ones that readers respond to the most.

RBI typically have the same experience….

RB:   What would you like to write, but never have?

JC:  A book.  I would absolutely love to write a book about women who have “found their marbles” but the whole idea of sitting down to write it is a little daunting to me right now.  Time will tell, I guess!

RB:  What is your vision for the coming year?

JC:  Now that I am going into my second year with Found the Marbles I hope to form more brand relationships. That was not my focus previously but now I am ready to work with brands whose products and missions resonate with me, my site and my readers. There are amazing brands and retailers who give back, and I would love to form a strong, authentic partnership with those companies.

I do quite a bit of ghost blogging as well and absolutely love those opportunities.

In February 2012, I launched the Blogger Comment Club with Melissa Brodsky (@RockDrool).  She and I had been talking about how blogging has changed and used to be a place that created conversation.  With the influx of new sites and social media outlets, the conversation seems to be missing from blogging lately.  We wanted to try to bring that back.  The Blogger Comment Club is a simplified way to find new blogs, to leave relevant comments and to have the chance to get your own blog featured on the site.  We have had a great response in the first three weeks and we are looking forward to growing the site in the coming year.

~What I love most about Jessica is while she has been growing her own brand, she is also building a site to support and nurture new bloggers!  I am so thankful to have the opportunity to know Jessica in and out of blogging.

Visit Jessica at Look Who Found the Marbles and check out two of my fave posts…where Jessica reflects on her interview with Peter Shankman and pokes fun at Pinterest. — RB

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