Just a few wants this Mother’s Day

If you did not get the memo, Mother’s Day is on Sunday.  The moms of the world are pinning what they desire, families are planning luxurious brunches or simply coffee in bed, dads are presumably orchestrating surprises, and moms are declaring that it is THEIR day to enjoy, relax, or spa (perhaps).  Even my good friend, AskDocG is declaring that we take the day off of martyrhood this Mother’s Day over on the Huffington Post.

I admit, I have a few pins on gifts that I lust after, have made some soft-spoken hints to the boys, and possibly just possibly left an ad or two on Henry’s desk.

In reality, all I want is a few simple ‘things’ this Mother’s Day:

Yoga without rushing!  The key phrase here is without rushing.  I just want to attend one damn hot yoga class without rushing there because I was so busy at home, AND with no reason to rush back home (because we have somewhere to be in 10 minutes).  Is that too much?  To want to actually be in a relaxed state of mind to sweat, I mean, practice yoga for 90 minutes?

The huge witchesque zit on my cheek to clear up.  I look like the Wicked Witch of the West with the big mole, except it is a zit that I cannot stop touching and picking and irritating in all my nervousness over asking to go to a yoga class without rushing.

ONE magazine quality photo.  One gorgeous photo with the boys without any bunny ears, gangster poses, or funny faces.  Something posed and proper and classy.  That’s it.  Of course, my zit needs to clear up first.

A day when cupcakes and donuts have NO calories.  Just one day when I can eat iced goodies and they do not count.  I can savor and enjoy as many as a I want with a huge cup of coffee, and it does not matter!  Imagine that!! I am salivating just thinking about it.  While I am wishful thinking, how about a bikini wax that does not hurt?  A pain-free wax.  Now that would be a gift.

That is it.  All I want is to go to hot yoga unencumbered, come home and shower so I look gorgeous for our photo shoot, and then spend the rest of the day feasting on a dessert buffet that everything is 0 calories.  Is that too much to ask?

No flowers.  My allergies are bad enough.  No store-bought cards.  A handmade one is perfect.  No gifts.  Just hugs and kisses and smiles.  And, no sibling fighting … but, that is a whole different matter.

And….of course, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom (I would be in such trouble if I did not mention it).

What are your Mother’s Day plans?

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