Bethlehem Haven: a shining jewel in the Pittsburgh Community

Coming off the heels of a really superb Mother’s Day with my family, I feel extremely lucky and grateful.

Not only am I thankful for my sometimes-sweet sons and most of the time-loving husband, but also for close friends, a built-in support network, and my whole entire family in and out of Pittsburgh.  These wonderful people are here for me when times are spirited and frivolous, but have also proven to hang in there with me when the going was rough.

Through the death of loved ones and changes in careers and miscarriages, my friends and family have been there to lend a shoulder to cry on, a meal, or a few hours of watching the boys.

Many women and mothers do not have this type of network to fall into when life finds them down.  And, by down, I mean without a roof over their heads or a way to earn a living for themselves and their children.  These women must rely on government-funded services and those organizations with a generous heart.

Bethlehem Haven is a jewel in my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA whose staff and services care for many women faced with these circumstances.  The Haven’s slogan, ‘Bethlehem Haven helps women find their way again’ says it all.  Through Hospitality, Compassion, Integrity, and Empowerment, The Haven grew their mission and work with women.

photo credit: Joey Kennedy

In a very broad-based description, the Haven houses 96 women any given night of the year among their residential programs:  emergency shelter, transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing.  For these individuals, [the Haven] helps them to address their “barriers to housing.”  This may include physical and mental health care, job training, life skills training, and whatever else that individual might need for her journey.  There are also programs that reach non-residents, including a day program drop-in shelter (open 10am to 6pm every day), health and wellness clinic, and Project Employ, a job training program.   Among the programs, [The Haven] serves about 60,000 meals each year, houses several hundred women each year, and helps several thousand through their combined programs.

This Wednesday, I am proud to host a small fundraiser at my home to benefit Bethlehem Haven in partnership with W by Worth Clothing.

This event really brings together two of my most core values.  The Haven fills an awful need for women who so desperately require many of their basic needs be met while W by Worth empowers women all over the country to build their own business as independent sales consultants.

I am honored to house this event in which W by Worth, led by Andrea Glickman in Pittsburgh, is going to donate 20% of their sales from the evening back to The Haven (please email me, rachel at backngroovemom dot com, if you want further details on attending).

I was further honored when I mentioned the event to local Stella and Dot Consultant, Chris Corcoran, she also decided to get involved and share her jewelry line for the cause.

I am beaming with pride at my community, at the pulling together of women in business to support Bethlehem Haven, and mostly at the unbelievable amount of programs and services that The Haven provides locally.

Please share a jewel in your community in the comments below. 



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