I ran 6 miles (in my dreams)

I call these women, ‘Marathon Girls’…not to be confused with The Cheetah Girls, but in a way they are a version of that.


These running ladies are my alter-ego.  Who I envision I am when I am huffing and puffing.  That’s me in the blue and Emily from Momminitup in the green and the lady in red, we just met at a blogging conference.

We are tough and strong and run without effort.  We do not get winded or side cramps. We also don’t sweat and our hair looks perfect.

When it comes to running. I would not say that I am an overachiever, but rather over-eager.

As you may know, I am not patient and I want almost everything yesterday.  So, when I set out to train to run a half marathon, I expected to be running five or six miles yesterday or a few days ago.

I am running TWO.  Dos.  Two miles after one week of training.  I have not run since 1999.

I pushed myself last week too far, and yesterday was crap.  I could hardly do my intervals.  I was too tired. Too hot.  Too pushed.  I ran in NYC the beginning of last week on a biz trip.  I ran twice in Florida over the weekend with a trip to The Magic Kingdom  sandwiched in between…Too pushed.  Pushed to my outer limits and yesterday was a bust.

Oh, I am not quitting, though.  Just resting and stretching with some yoga and back in my running shoes tomorrow.

(Same can be said for business.  When you are too pushed, stretch your mind.)

In fact, most things in life are an exercise in mental fortitude, right?

Like what?

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